You’re Just too Old for this Smartphone

You’re Just too Old for this Smartphone

HMD Global announced the release of five new Nokia smartphones at Mobile World Congress, including a reboot of the classic Nokia 8110. While some tech enthusiasts are excited to see a reloaded version of the famous device used in movie, The Matrix, others scoff at the effort. There is however, a place in the market for basic, well-designed smartphones and it’s with the littlest of consumers.

Since the members of Generation Z were born swiping, pinching and tapping, it makes sense that children are given personal electronic devices at earlier ages. My five year old is currently begging for a smartphone and the Nokia 8810 might be an option that satisfies his desire and allays my concerns. Most smartphones are too delicate, connected and expensive for a child as young as he is but the 8110 brings back the basics in a way that only a child can appreciate.


The Nokia 8110 is as durable and reliable as its predecessors and it features an easy to use interface with intuitive tactile mechanics and a slider mechanism to answer and end calls. The hardware enables kids to manipulate the phone using motion as opposed to on-screen navigation – a function that virtually eliminates any learning curve. Even better, the curved slider design allows 8810 to spin like a helicopter on its axis, making it just as fun to have as it is practical.

8110 can grow with your little one too. It runs on the Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform, delivers crystal clear VoLTE calling and access to an app store via 4G connectivity. This classic companion comes in Traditional Black or Banana Yellow and will be available starting in May for just AED 249, making this throwback well worth the investment for your little techie.

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  1. Great thought to use this basic phone for your son! My first was the Nokia 3310 and I loved it!

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