What is 5G and Why Should You Care?

What is 5G and Why Should You Care?

Ericsson and Nokia gear up for 5G and Mobile World Congress 2016

5G, the next wave of wireless network technology,  is highly anticipated but, what does it really mean for consumers? It’s predicted to improve connectivity but also change how we use the internet. Basically, 5G enables two things; faster internet and support for the ever expanding Internet of Things (IoT).

Get it Done…Faster

5G enables mobile operators to provide better service – you know, really deliver those performance guarantees that companies make when you sign up for service. Those commitments are supported by network providers like Ericsson Mobile, who announced the creation of the world’s first commercial gigabit solution last week, ahead of Mobile World Congress. The company has leveraged the 5G data transfer speed of 1 gigabit per minute to create a better user experience. During a global presentation of the solution, Sebastian Tolstoy, Head of Marketing and Communications at Business Unit Radio, noted how these advancements enhance video consumption. 5G will enable you to download an entire season of your favorite TV series in 30-45 seconds, a rate of about 5 seconds per episode. So, the 5G enabled internet of the future can take #NetflixAndChill to a whole new level. I’ll take that.

Fun Fact: G stands for generation. Each generation of wireless technology is said to be faster and more reliable.


Connect Your Things

Once it’s deployed to operators, “5G will be the overall enabler of the IoT world”, said Joachim Wuilmet, Head of Customer Marketing and Communication at Nokia Middle East & Africa. Connected ‘things’ like drones and cars require different communication standards than mobile devices and Nokia is preparing for this phenomenon as well with the announcement of its Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic Management (UTM) concept. 5G offers speeds up to 100 times faster than existing 4G networks and low latency (1 to 5 milliseconds to send and receive data) which better supports IoT. But don’t go getting your home connected too quickly. 5G isn’t expected to be rolled out commercially until 2020. In the mean time, we can watch and learn as the major players continue to race toward a standard 5G solution.

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