Website Review:

Website Review:

What’s It All About is an online order service for local restaurants. It is basically a tool to transfer order details electronically between the customer and the restaurant. is a good alternative to placing orders over the phone for two primary reasons. First, it eliminates errors based on interpretation. When orders are given to a person, a lot can be lost in translation due to listening skills, erroneous shorthand or in some cases, language barriers. captures the customer’s order and special instructions exactly as they are given, which can lead to fewer mistakes. Second, ordering online makes more information available to the customer. By accessing the website customers have menus with pictures and descriptions at their fingertips. Choosing and ordering food online is a customer controlled experience that’s both convenient and efficient. On related news, if you need help with Web or Graphic Design go to Web Design Cardiff they offer top notch service for web and graphic design. 

How It Works

You can order food in three easy steps; Select your region, pick a restaurant and submit your order and pay cash on delivery. That’s right. You don’t pay until your food is delivered. is not a consumer e-commerce site. The site does not request or accept electronic payments. It is purely a gateway to transfer orders to restaurants. The process is simple and straight forward. Like most online services, you must first create an account. The Login and Register controls are located at the very top of the homepage for easy navigation. When the user clicks Login or Register, the homepage slides down to reveal the Login Screen. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1 - Login Screen
Figure 1 – Login Screen

The benefit of creating an account is that the site will save your address and automatically apply it to new orders. You do have the option to add an alternate or new address. The account function also stores an order history which allows users to review, track and rate orders. Finally, the account helps the site to render a personalized homepage once you’re signed in. (See Figure 2) This is a feature that I found particularly impressive. You can see my personalized homepage below with “Welcome Tamara” at the top and my region pre-populated. The pre-populated region also limits the restaurant search results to only restaurants that deliver in that area.

Figure 2 - Customized Home Screen
Figure 2 – Customized Home Screen

 The search function is straight forward and worked seamlessly. I performed multiple searches and there were no system delays. The results pull back stylized blocks of information on each matching restaurant which includes a logo, name, type of cuisine, minimum delivery amount, average delivery time and delivery fee. (See Figure 3) The search results can be displayed alphabetically, by rating or by the date the listing was created. In my case, we knew where we wanted to order from so the results returned only one match. If you’re less decisive than me and have a lot of search results returned, you can refine the list by setting controls like delivery area, minimum delivery amount and delivery fee.

Figure 3 - Search Results Screen
Figure 3 – Search Results Screen

The site’s menu functionality is by far it’s best feature and what makes it an excellent website in my opinion. When you want to have websites like these, visit WebDesign499 to help you create your custom professional business website for a cheap price. The online menu is filled with visually appealing photographs and thorough descriptions of each item. (See Figure 4A) Menu items are categorized by type and best selling items are featured in the center of the page. You can easily keep track of what’s in your order basket using the “My Basket” panel along the right hand side of the page. Moreover, the menu does not limit your ability to customize items. You have the same range of choice that you would if you were dining in. Don’t want relish on your burger? When you add the burger to your basket a sub-menu of choices is displayed. (See Figure 4B) You can specify order customizations down to the most granular level. I actually appreciated the  experience of the online menu more than ordering from a physical menu in a restaurant.

Figure 4A – Online Menu
Figure 4B – Sub-Menu

Once you’ve selected all of the desired items, you have the option to include any additional notes. This is where we noted things like “no special sauce on the Rocket Burger”. I was pleasantly surprised when the food arrived, made to my exact specifications. To place the order you simply click a button at the bottom of the page and the Order Confirmation Page is displayed. (See Figure 5) The Order Confirmation Page is a final review of everything. It displays the restaurant, all of the items ordered and the delivery address and phone number. (My address has been removed to preserve privacy.)

Figure 5 - Order Confirmation Page
Figure 5 – Order Confirmation Page

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