Twitter Launches Crescent Emojis and Custom Periscope Heart for Ramadan

Twitter Launches Crescent Emojis and Custom Periscope Heart for Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is a great time for 1.6 billion Muslims everywhere to use Twitter. From getting real-time updates on Ramadan activities in their neighborhoods; to connecting with people around the world who share the Islamic faith; to sharing their well-wishes and special moments during the blessed month, Muslims flock to Twitter every day during the month of fasting.

In 2015, 8.4 billion impressions of Tweets about Ramadan appeared on Twitter and were syndicated across the web. Ramadan is not only a religious time to be closer with god, but also moments to share and interact with others, especially break fasting and iftar. In addition, food, travel and shopping are among the most discussed topics during the holy month on Twitter.

To help people around the world celebrate the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Twitter is launching several initiatives to make Twitter more fun and useful every day during Ramadan.

Available globally, we’ve got a Twitter emoji for Ramadan again, but now we’re extending this fun form of self-expression to Periscope, too.

On Twitter, use any of the hashtags below in your Tweets and you’ll see a crescent moon appear next to these terms, from today to the end of the holy month.

  • رمضان#
  • رمضان_كريم#
  • رمضان_مبارك#
  • #Ramadan


On Periscope, add any of the hashtags below to your broadcast title, then when people tap the screen to give love for your broadcast, the hearts will also have a crescent moon.

  • #رمضان
  • #رمضان_كريم
  • #رمضان_مبارك
  • #Ramadan
  • #RamadanMubarak
  • #RamadanKareem

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