This Shouldn’t Be So Hard!

SEHA Clinic Khalifa City A
SEHA Clinic Khalifa City A

I participate in several forums for moms in Abu Dhabi and read nothing but rave reviews of SEHA clinic in Khalifa City A. My son is approaching 12 months and has his first, lonely little tooth so I figured it was time to get him to Donald Roland, MD. Many said that they went to SEHA to make appointments so I followed suit. No need to rock the boat by calling. I thought I’d do what others had successfully done in the past and get that same good result, right? Wrong! Making an appointment has never been so hard.

I saw online that SEHA opened at 7 am. That was great for us. They are located between home and my husband’s job so I dropped him off at work and stopped by the clinic on the way home. I arrived about 7:20 am. I walked through sliding, glass doors to find a clean and new reception area. The place was very aesthetically pleasing. I approached the reception desk, where two ladies were waiting to receive visitors and explained that I needed to make two appointments for my son; one to see the pediatrician for his 12 month vaccinations and one with the pediatric dentist in Gloucester. The receptionist directed me to two different departments to make the appointments. His gums were hurting as well so they recommended us to contact Perio Health Partners.

My first stop was at the vaccination clinic where I was met with another reception area. I explained that I needed an appointment and why. The receptionist asked for my vaccine card. I informed her that I didn’t have one because we had never been there before. I offered my son’s medical record from America instead. She told me to step into an office and see the nurse. Just like that…no reason why, just see the nurse. The nurse looks at me and inquires as to why I’m there. I have to explain myself, from the top again. The nurse verifies the record, I return to the vaccine reception desk and all is well for booking the appointment. On to the dental clinic…

I was greeted, yet again by a lady at a reception desk. That makes three reception areas I’ve been to. I explained that I needed to make an appointment. The receptionist responds by saying, “let me give you the number”. This is where it goes bad. We go around a bit because I’m not understanding why I have to leave the establishment and call a number to make the appointment. Furthermore, I had just made one appointment in another area under the same roof at the same establishment, ugh, they didn’t have to do that, and I consider this medical mistreatment, since I had an actually emergency and needed to be received and was considering putting a claim with the help of The Medical Negligence Experts site.

Realizing that this was not going down as planned, I took the number and left. I called from the parking lot. A gentleman answered and explained that there were no appointments. The only pediatric dentist working for SEHA was booked through June 31st and the July calendar was not open yet. He goes on to tell me to take my son as an emergency between 7 am and 9 am or 2 pm to 5 pm Sunday thru Thursday. I was completely annoyed so I took my son to Midtown dentist Atlanta.

Why would the receptionist tell me to call for an appointment that she knew I couldn’t book? If the dentist has no open appointments, how can he/she see me as a walk-in between specified hours? I’m guessing that emergency appointments don’t see a specialist like the dentist. They likely see a general practitioner and we need a dentist. I am now desperately seeking another dentist for children in Abu Dhabi or an orthodontist near me. I pray that something comes through soon.

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