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EmPostThe UAE does not have zip codes or a standard address system. Street names are sometimes ambiguous, if one is given at all. So how does one receive mail here? A post office box makes receiving mail easier. You can rent one for business or personal use at an Emirates Post. Fortunately, Al Reef has two post office boxes for the neighborhood so we use those. When packages are delivered to the P.O. Box, they are picked up by the neighborhood post man, sorted and delivered directly to your door. This is a convenient strategy for us busy expats. The only drawback is that it seems to add a few days to the time it takes to actually receive mail.

So what do you do when you want to send packages? You visit an Emirates Post location. I went to a relatively new branch located in Khalifa City A. The post office is located on the glass, business building connected tithe Spar grocery store. You walk through the entrance for the Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy and the office is straight ahead through a second set of double doors.

I arrived at about 8:30 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. Parking was horrific but that’s the general situation there and it’s not specifically attributed tithe post office. After circling twice, I parked and made my way inside. There was one customer ahead of me already being serviced and two postal workers. There were forms, shipping labels and notifications around the desk but nothing exhausting. There weren’t nearly as many shipping options offered as there are back in the states. I was presented with regular or expedited. I chose expedited because I was sending a business related package to China. The cost to send expedited was four times what I was quoted to send it regular mail but it cut the travel time in half. Instead of 10 days, the package should arrive within five. That’s what I was told. There were no guarantees communicated so I will see how it goes. Tracking through the Emirates Post website was included in the cost. I filled out the shipping label, paid the postage and completed the entire transaction in 15 minutes. I was impressed! All of the major carriers are represented here…Fedex, UPS, DHL…but I’ll continue to save a little and use the convenient Emirates Post near my home.

Operating Hours:

Saturday to Thursday 7:30 am to 3:00 pm

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