There’s a Mouse in the House!

There’s a Mouse in the House!
I found myself struggling to complete a graphics design project because I didn’t have proper tools. Have you ever tried to cut out an image with precision using the trackpad on your laptop? If you haven’t, allow me to save you the anguish by saying straight away – you need a mouse.


I couldn’t recall the last time I used a mouse let alone owned one so I reached out to my friends at Logitech to try one out. They sent me the MX ERGO, the king – the big daddy of mice. Apparently, mice technology has improved over the years and Logitech is at the forefront of this shift.


Large and in Charge
MX ERGO is larger than the traditional mouse, which can be off putting until you understand how it works. It’s stationary and features a trackball that’s used to move the curser as opposed to moving the device itself. Learning this put me at ease because I wasn’t quite sure how moving a large peripheral around my small work area was going go. MX ERGO is Logitech’s most advanced trackball and it’s actually a healthier alternative to traditional mice and touchpads, delivering 20% less muscular strain compared to a regular mouse. It also features an adjustable hinge for personalized comfort. It allows you to choose the best angle between 0°and 20° for a more natural hand position. I appreciated this feature because it helped to avoid fatigue and cramping in my hands.

In the old days, a mouse was plug and play; it did one thing, one way. (By the way, MX ERGO is wireless) Now, Logitech offers accompanying software that enables the latest tracking, scrolling and power management technology. I was able to change the speed and precision of the cursor with the push of a button. This is particularly useful if people with varying levels of dexterity use the device. Did I mention that MX ERGO was a hit with my kids? Being born into the swipe and tap generation, they had never seen such a thing so they enjoyed using it. But, their newness showed. I had to lower the speed to help them develop hand-eye coordination.


Let it Flow
Lastly, MX ERGO works with Logitech FLOW, which enables effortless cross computer control. This was indeed the most fun aspect of the accessory. I work between my MacBook Pro and Acer V Nitro all the time. It’s easy for me to have a file on one device that I need to access on another. Notice I said “a file on one device”. I’m not a heavy user of the cloud because, well, I’m afraid of hacks so most of my files are saved locally which limits the ease with which I can share files across devices. However, Logitech FLOW makes it possible to drag files from one device to another. The only hurdle I encountered was with setting it up to work across operating systems (Windows and Mac) but there’s plenty of discussion around this in the help forums to get you squared away.

The Verdict…
I’m so glad to have a mouse in the house! My bootstrapping graphics animation project is now moving in the right direction because I have the right tools. While I enjoy all the new bells and whistles of the MX ERGO, I must admit that the Logitech M590 is the accessory that I use regularly. It’s smaller, wireless, works with Logitech FLOW and comes in my favorite color…red. It’s also silent which works well in an open office plan but I miss hearing the click. Does that make me crazy or just old?

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