The Corniche Part II: An Artistic Treasure

UnderpathSignOn our first visit to the Corniche, we were a bit confused as to how to get across the street to the beach fom where we had parked. We stood on the corner looking around for a crosswalk that didn’t exist and finally my eyes landed on a sign directing us to an Underpath. I felt relieved because I certainly didn’t want to choose a random spot to cross a major six lane thoroughfare with a baby in a stroller.

Headed towards the Underpath, I expected a simple, functional tunnel. Instead, I walked through an artistic treasure. I had seen the beach from the road so I anticipated its beauty. (See earlier post The Corniche Part I: Parks, Pathways and the Beach) the mosaic renderings in the Underpath were a bonus. The tile placement on the tunnel walls revealed several Arabian scenes. The most notable to me was a group of young women dressed in colored abayas. Emotion was conveyed between the women as they were close in proximity and even pictured with one woman laying her head on another’s shoulder.


The Underpath also featured a grand exit. At the end of the tunnel was a large tiered fountain. The fountain featured a different layout on each level with a combination if landscaping and varying water spray. It was a gorgeous beginning to our walk along the Corniche. See more pictures on the Facebook page, here.

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