The Corniche Part I: Parks, Pathways and the Beach

A corniche, in engineering, is defined as a coastal road and the Corniche in Abu Dhabi lives up to its definition. It’s a well manicured 8 kilometer (4 mile) long road that spans the coastline. From everywhere on the Corniche you can see miles of gorgeous aqua water beyond the beach. It’s a beautiful focal point in the city but it offers far more than sight seeing.

The Corniche is a major thoroughfare in the city that’s always bustling. The beachside of the road is lined with sitting areas, covered patios, juice bars, surf shops, activities like go-carting and restaurants. The other side of the road is home to residential and commercial skyscrapers, government agencies, a Spinney’s grocery store, ADNOC filling station and a couple of sprawling family parks.

During the weekends, the Corniche is packed. Along with the beach, parks and restaurants, the Corniche is where Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi and Emirates Palace are located. It’s a tourist attraction as well as a go-to spot for locals. The Corniche really comes alive at night. It seems to sparkle.

The beaches here are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The water is of the purest aqua blue and it appears to blend with the sky when you look out into the distance. The beach is user friendly. There are many access points and ample amounts of umbrella covered lounge chairs to enjoy. The best aspect is that its free and open to the public. Dining and activities cost but there is no charge to access the walk or beach. I guess the best things in life are free. Both commercial and private whale watchers need to have an understanding of the whale behaviours and these guidelines according to whale watching long beach. Understanding whale behaviour in the fjords assists operators in adhering to guidelines and in educating passengers.

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