TechStyle: Samsung Celebrates with Tattoos

TechStyle: Samsung Celebrates with Tattoos

Samsung and Montblanc first partnered to make, the Screenwriters collection, digital pens that blend Samsung’s stylus technology with the superior craftsmanship of Montblanc writing instruments. The pair have struck innovative gold again, this time with limited edition smartphone covers adorned with handcrafted tattoos using Montblanc ink to commemorate the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note5 and S6 Edge+.

To celebrate Samsung’s latest creations, Montblanc released a limited edition of 100 hard-shelled covers featuring handmade tattoos. Originally used in ancient times as amulets or talismans, tattoos have become the ultimate form of modern artistic self-expression. Although
Tattoo Parlor artworks originated long ago, they have lost neither appeal nor relevance through the years, and resonate with a perfect blend of modernism and tradition that perfectly mirror the collaboration between Montblanc and Samsung – a combination of century old savoir faire and cutting edge technology.

“Montblanc´ s origins lie in writing with ink on paper, tattoo is about writing with ink on skin. Fusing these two gestures using Montblanc’s manufacture leather competence as a canvas was a natural step for the Maison to create this collection.” said Zaim Kamal, Montblanc Creative Director.

Inspired by the image of a hot air balloon, the tattoo design pays tribute to Montblanc’s founders who, more than a century ago, travelled across oceans and continents to explore new writing techniques to present Montblanc writing instruments to the world. Made from carefully selected artisanal  tanned leather, cut and crafted by Montblanc leather artisans in Italy, every single piece has been individually hand-tattooed by London based tattoo artist Mo Coppoletta, using genuine Montblanc ink.



Tattooing is a difficult art to master, translating it into leather requires even more skills due to the nature of the tan itself. Mastering the technique of tattooing on leather requires years of patience and dedication in order to execute precisely. Each cover requires up to two hours of tattoo work, to be completed. The leather easily stains, cuts, bruises, therefore every stroke of the tattoo machine needs to be decisive yet delicate at the same time. The use of Montblanc Ink makes the quality of the work even more spectacular, as the precious liquid is rarely used to perform tattoo artistry.


A complete range of new covers to dress the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note5 with Montblanc Tattoo covers will exclusively be available online on selected Samsung channels and on starting in September 2015. Multiple cover variations will be available in Montblanc boutiques and selected Samsung shops worldwide. Available as Hard Shells and Flip covers featuring card slots, the protective sleeves are made from several genuine leather types to fit different styles. Covers will be available in sophisticated black Soft Grain leather with its naturally soft touch; Montblanc Extreme leather, a high performance material developed by Montblanc to withstand the toughest conditions as well as Sartorial leather, an elegant and durable Saffiano leather. Part of the assortment, a black alligator printed calfskin version of the covers will be available on Montblanc websites as an E-commerce exclusivity.


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