TechStyle: Lenovo In My Kitchen

TechStyle: Lenovo In My Kitchen

The Global Gazette is a “tech lifestyle blog”. I’m all about lending insight into how technology supports our daily lives. TechStyle is a category dedicated to offering tips, tricks and accounts from my personal experiences to help you leverage technology to support your life and style. In this TechStyle report I discuss baking and a gadget that made my time in the kitchen run more smoothly.

The Challenge

Gone are the days when ladies traded carefully hand written index cards to share recipes. Today, we head straight to the internet when we want to whip up something impressive. With leading recipe sites like, and newer to the ranks, Pinterest, recipes are literally at our fingertips. But, how do we keep them there when it all goes down?


I made a Ruth’s Chris Style Sweet Potato Casserole for Thanksgiving that turned out to be a hit and was requested again. (See the Recipe Here)The first time around, I used my iPhone to refer to the recipe as I baked. It got the job done but the screen size and inability to rest upright were a bit challenging. The second time around, I took my Lenovo Yoga Tablet into the kitchen with me. The Yoga came in handy yet again and improved my ability access the recipe while cooking. Here’s what made the Yoga Tablet successful in my kitchen…

  • Stand Mode. This is by far the best aspect of the Yoga in the kitchen. The tablet stands on it’s own. In stand mode I could reference the recipe at a glance and remain on task. It also eliminated the need to touch the device which could cause cross contamination between the dirty phone and raw food.
  • Screen Size. The 8 inch screen provides a better viewing experience. When scanning a recipe for measurements or steps in an ordered list, bigger is always better.


Want to learn more? Read my full review of the 8 inch Yoga Tablet.


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