Take Your Tweets to the Bank: Here’s how you can make money on Twitter

Take Your Tweets to the Bank: Here’s how you can make money on Twitter
Twitter is giving content creators the opportunity to make money. The now profitable social network, which reportedly has 330 million active users, rolled out in-stream video ads in the MENA region. The feature, which was originally intended to enable sponsorship opportunities for publishers, is now available to the entire Twitter community. In-stream options are available for native videos uploaded directly to Twitter and not video links from other sources. This format helps advertisers connect with appropriate publishers and enables content creators to generate revenue from videos they post on the platform.
Why in-stream video?
People come to Twitter for discovery, making them more attentive, responsive, and trusting of the video ad content they see on Twitter in comparison to competing platforms. This leads to video ads on Twitter being almost 2X as memorable when compared to the same ads on other premium sites. With in-stream ads, Twitter users only have to engage with content that interests them and simultaneously marketers introduce additional content that might be of interest.
Twitter video ad campaigns have proven, positive shifts in key brand metrics for advertisers. Across 406 Nielsen Brand Effect studies, those who saw video ads on Twitter were 50% more likely to be aware of the advertiser’s brand, feel 14% more favorable about the brand, and had 18% higher purchase intent (versus those not exposed to video ads).
Here’s how it works
It’s really simple. Publishers upload videos, choose to opt into monetization and then tag their content with the appropriate categories. Once that’s complete, the tweet is published on Twitter. On the other side, advertisers create In-Stream Video Ad campaigns and choose their preferred content categories to target. Twitter will then automatically serve a relevant pre-roll ad to the user watching the video.
The verdict
If you’re already an active Twitter user creating unique, engaging content, this is a no-brainer.
Kinda Ibrahim, Director of Media Partnerships, Twitter MENA, said: “In-Stream Video Ads  enables publishers and creators to partner with advertisers to provide evergreen video content on a daily basis to an online audience that they may not  have been able to reach traditionally.”
It should come as no surprise that consumers are watching more video on their mobile devices than ever. Video impressions on Twitter grew significantly from Q3 to Q4 2016 as Twitter is becoming the go-to place for people to tune in and watch what’s happening. With the overall health of the company looking good, there’s no time like the present to get involved and watch the ads – and the money – roll in.

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