Taaleem schools to re-open for 2020/21 academic year

Taaleem schools to re-open for 2020/21 academic year
Taaleem classroom

Taaleem, the second largest school group operating in the UAE confirmed plans to welcome students back to campus in a letter to parents. 

The correspondence is signed by group CEO Alan Williamson who participated in an educational group with leaders representing the views of over 100 schools in the private K-12 education sector. 

In the letter, he thanks the parent community for showing empathy and great support over the past few months and also noted, “while private schools have been tasked with delivering a truly world-class remote learning program, distance learning has had its limitations in facilitating the holistic development of children.”

Consequently, the group stressed the need to have children back in the classroom. The letter states that all Taaleem schools are ready to welcome students back to promote their physical and mental health and ensure their academic progress. Taaleem has monitored the situation here in the UAE as well as the successful return to school in other nations while making this decision. 

“We have been closely observing and communicating with schools that have opened prior to the summer in Scandinavia, the Far East and Europe and learning from their best practices. The shared, extensive knowledge gained from our international colleagues means that our schools will have a tremendous advantage derived from their collective experiences.”

“We are working with the authorities, education regulators, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai and the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi, to find the best way to bring back students on August 30th for the 2020/21 academic year.”

The letter goes on to assure parents that clear guidelines have been established and tailored for each campus. Taaleem is also planning a back-to-school campaign to raise awareness and share best practices for returning to school. The letter ends by affirming that the group remains committed to ensuring the highest levels of health, safety and academic success for the entire Taaleem family.

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