Switch to Henkel: The Best Choice to Preserve Your Wardrobe

Building an extensive wardrobe can be a great investment, specially if you want to add the best wardrobe doors. Choosing good quality clothes is just the beginning and how you care for your clothes determines how long they last. You may think laundering clothes is as simple as grabbing a random box of washing powder from the sea of choices in your local store, but that’s not true. Taking the time to choose a detergent that’s gentle and appropriate for your garments will preserve your wardrobe and ultimately, save you money.

In 2007, Henkel decided to turn its focus from the crowded powder detergent market in the GCC to the under developed, non-existent one liquid detergent sector. In the same year, the company launched Persil Abaya Shampoo, a speciality wash for Black clothes which was a different offering. By the end of 2009, Persil Black held 24% of the liquid detergent market segment. Persil Black is a light duty detergent which is light on the fabric and helps black fabric to retain its colour. No more faded or black to gray clothes from sub-par washing powders. The success of Persil Black prompted Henkel to launch liquid detergents catered to every aspect of the wash basket. Persil White was introduced in 2010 to cater specifically to white clothes and was the first introduction of Heavy duty liquid detergent under the Henkel umbrella. Persil Gel, another heavy duty liquid detergent was launched in 2011 to cater to universal washes (i.e. washes that include every colour in the wash basket). No matter what your style or favourite colour of clothes. Henkel has a product that’s sure to better maintain your garments. Start protecting your investment today by switching to Henkel.




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