Switch Mini Projector makes home cinema possible in small spaces

Switch Mini Projector makes home cinema possible in small spaces
Switch Mini Projector

Expansive home cinemas with projectors are all the rage but how can you create a viewing experience in a small space? The petite and portable Switch Mini Projector might be ideal solution for tiny home theatres.  

Switch things up 

I’ve always wanted a projector but living in a flat just over 1200 square feet put the breaks on that dream. Not to mention, we have generous floor to ceiling windows (which I love) and limited wall space so it was hard to make it work, until the Switch Mini Projector arrived. 

Switch is designed for portability with a slim, cylindrical body that’s slightly taller than a can coke. It fits easily in a suitcase or handbag and I can palm to move it from one location to another. It has few accompaniments too – just the power cord with adapter, remote and optional HDMI cable – which helps keep bulk at a minimum. 

Switch features several connectivity ports along the front of the device including HDMI, USB and MicroSD ports. The power button and other control buttons are located on the backside of the device.  

The setup 

There’s no installation required as Switch stands on its on. Simply place it on a level structure get ready to beam content across the room. The Switch DLP lens throws up to a 150” full HD display that can be projected onto a wall, screen or even the ceiling. In fact, one of my favorite features – and a nod to its innovative design – is the 90-degree neck flip feature. With just a twist of the device projection can change from the wall to the ceiling and vice versa. 

The proximity of the device from the projection surface determines how large the viewing area is and bringing things into focus has never been easier. There’s a dial around the lens that adjusts sharpness so again, all you need to do is twist to bring things into focus. 

Switch Mini Projector

It’s loaded 

Setup was simple as this is a plug-n-play type of device. It comes with a remote control, which makes navigating on screen easy. The remote has a dial and basic controls on one side and a full keyboard on the other. 

Once the Switch was powered on, the steps to stream were pretty intuitive. It detected nearby Wi-Fi networks and connected without a hitch. Switch also supports wireless mirroring, USB, Apple AirPlay and it can even be tethered to a gaming console like Playstation or Xbox (Playing Ninetndo Switch on the wall was a hit in my house). It has a built-in Android CPU and apps including Youtube, Netfliix and Google Chrome. 

The verdict 

The Switch Mini Projector was everything this home cinema-seeking girl was looking for. It’s small, lightweight, extremely portable and doesn’t require any drilling. I love that I can set it up in the kids’ room for a popping Friday night stream and also take it with us on staycations. Something to note – because Switch works off Wi-Fi like a smartphone, it’s a much better gadget to manage in a hotel than Google Chromecast which is usually blocked by hotel firewalls. 

We tried mirroring from our smartphones and tablets but ultimately found that using the native apps (Youtube and Netflix) worked best. And when it came to logging in, that remote was tops with the full keyboard. 

Switch has built-in Hifi speakers that rendered cleared sound high enough to drown out the humming of the device itself. Streaming and viewing on the Switch Mini Projector was hassle-free and so much fun!

Switch Mini Projector is available at Axiom Telecom for AED 1,299.

*A complementary Switch Mini Projector was used for the purpose of this review. 

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