Sorrel and Spruce makes the perfect solution for mask storage

Sorrel and Spruce makes the perfect solution for mask storage

The console table near our front door is littered with masks. I knew it would happen what I hadn’t planned on was the massive undertaking that wearing, sorting, washing and storing them all would become for my family of four. Thankfully, I had my very creative friend, Keshia, to turn to and you can too! 

Home Mask Organizer by Sorrel and spruce

Keshia is the creative behind, Sorrel and Spruce, which makes personalized, eco-friendly home storage solutions and gifts. Within a day of receiving my S.O.S., she produced a personalized, 7-pouch Home Mask Organizer just for the Clarkes. Each pocket is labelled with white vinyl letters so we know exactly where everyone’s clean and used masks belong. 

The organizer can easily be wiped and sanitized and has two eyelets for easy hanging. In fact, all I had to do was pick up a pack of command strips and I was able to hang it by the door within five minutes. Now, we’re all sorted – literally – and leaving and returning with masks has never been easier. 

But wait, there’s more…

family checking out custom products

On another note, Sorrel and Spruce hooked us up for back to school too with personalized refillable sanitizer bottles and mask pouches. Initially, the boys had bottles of Dettol with plastic hangers on their backpacks, which kept coming undone. The Sorrel and Spruce sanitizer bottle comes with a carabiner hook that stays put. 

sorrel and spruce products on backpacks

And the personalized pouches…such a nice and very necessary touch. One of my boys is required to wear a mask all day so he changes them frequently throughout the day. Having a designated, labelled way to transport them to school makes life easier for him and me as well. 

All Sorrel and Spruce products can be labelled and customized. You’re able to select from a variety of colors and fonts to really make each product your own. If you’re battled with this element of our new normal, check out the Home Mask Organizer by Sorrel and Spruce. 

Visit: Sorrel and Spruce on IG (@sorrel.and.spruce)  

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