CABSAT 2014 was the perfect platform to showcase Sony’s “Beyond Definition” vision in the region. The  company provided an opportunity for visitors to experience and understand a complete 4K workflow- from camera through to display. Sony set up what I would describe as a “visual representation of Middle Eastern culture” in their uniquely designed stand. It was a covered platform constructed from dark colored wood. The furnishings and tapestry had Middle Eastern flare. Cultural scenes were staged for filming. One scene included jewel toned textiles and the other included live models posed with bushels of brightly colored spices. Nine cinema cameras, each paired with a Sony display monitor, spanned the edge of the booth. The idea here was to allow visitors to film the scenes and see first hand, the quality output of Sony cinema equipment.


Sony Stand at CABSAT 2014


Sony Stand at CABSAT 2014


Sony Stand at CABSAT 2014

Sony has been on the cutting edge of technological advancement and is the market leader in 4K technology. Being deeply committed to bringing high quality content to the mainstream consumer market, Sony ensures the quality of content recorded in 4K to allow broadcasters, production communities and videographers of all sizes to build a future-proof catalogue of high-end content straight away. 4K Live Production stands out this year as a full live production system that encompasses acquisition to archiving. 4K  provides an extra tool for better HD production including useful tools like HD cut out from 4K footage that’s allows reframing, image stabilization and digital zoom with no loss of HD quality. Additionally, Sony’s system allows broadcasters to down convert live 4K production to obtain the ultimate in HD image quality providing a better experience. A live demo of the 4K Live Production System was demonstrated at the Sony stand, showcasing the 4K ‘system camera chain’ and the 4K ‘slo mo’ server.

Check out a picture of the Sony 4K Live Production studio below…


4K Live Production Studio at the Sony stand, CABSAT 2014