SONY Releases New Bravia 4K LED TV Series

SONY Releases New Bravia 4K LED TV Series

Sony Middle East and Africa FZE announced the expansion of its BRAVIA 4K LED TV line-up with the addition of three new series comprising nine models to offer customers with enhanced options while purchasing a 4K TV. The range includes the premium flagship X9500B (available in 85-inch screen size) series featuring the new X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology, the X9000B (available in 79-inch and 65-inch screen sizes) delivering an innovative design that integrates magnetic fluid speakers, and the X8500B (available in 65-inch and 55-inch screen sizes) series serving as an affordable option in the 4K LED TV range. If you want to impress your friends you could try a video wall from So what’s Sony offering over its competitors?

Superior 4K Picture Quality with Dynamic Colors

The new line-up features Sony’s proprietary super-resolution high picture quality engine optimized for 4K LED TV – According to this guide, the 4K X-Reality PRO which enhances picture quality and content using its 4K-to-4K pattern database. This improves sharpness and crispness of original 4K images, boosting the contrast function and enriching the colors on screen. For HD content instead of just increasing pixel count, 4K X-Reality PRO uses a content adaptive database for up-scaling. Depending on the contents loaded on the TV, 4K X-Reality PRO picks a suitable up-scaling algorithm to make sure every pixel is optimized for a 4K experience. The TRILUMINOS Display offers pure, bold colors comprising X-tended Dynamic Range PRO delivering a dynamic range of brightness, with higher peaks and deeper blacks through the use of its unique backlighting algorithm that further enhances picture quality.

Rich and Powerful Sound

The X9500B and X8500B series comprise a new two-way Long Duct Speaker, featuring a 1.5 meter long duct in an approximately 0.75 litrr capacity speaker box capable of delivering a stronger, richer bass with low distortion. The line-up also has subwoofers built-in to the back of the TV (2 subwoofers for the 85-inch) to further support low frequencies and produce a powerful sound to match the TV’s big screen images. The wedge shape increases capacity and is used to incorporate a large speaker to provide deeper, more powerful sound, unprecedented for a flat-screen TV. X9000B delivers beautifully detailed 4K images and extremely clear sound via its highly acclaimed, front-facing Magnetic Fluid Speakers.

Innovative ‘Wedge’ Structure

The X9000B series incorporates the innovative ‘Wedge’ structure, a form factor designed to enhance stability in an era when screen size continues to increase. By lowering the TV’s center of gravity, Sony was able to achieve a smaller pedestal size than conventional TVs, allowing for a wide variety of installation options, despite a large screen size. In addition to increasing installation options, the TV’s sound quality has also been augmented. The range additionally includes a port replicator to help manage the need for multiple cables by merging these ports into a single one, providing the TV with a cleaner, more elegant finish.

Enhanced Connectivity

The 4K TV user experience is enhanced with the new One-Flick Entertainment feature from Sony. This component offers viewers the option to quickly select and enjoy content not limited to just shows and movies, but also across digital hi-vision broadcasting and network contents, as well as personal photos. The new 4K LED TVs support the latest HDMI standard, HDMI 2.0, which enables them to display 4K/60p content. This is a standard ideal for fast moving content such as sports footage. The range is also compatible with MHL 3.0, supporting 4K output from smartphones and tablets. In addition to these features, the new models are equipped with a new decoder supporting HEVC and can playback 4K/60p contents from internet streaming services. Equipped with the unique Exmor R for TV CMOS sensor, the new BRAVIA TVs offer a Social Viewing feature, giving consumers the added convenience of sharing their viewing experiences via Skype with family, friends and loved ones, regardless of the geographical distances between them. The technologies incorporated in the built-in camera ensure conversations are never muffled or drowned by the TV’s volume and that crisp, sharp images are continuously broadcasted, even in poorly illuminated conditions.

The X9500B, X9000B and X8500B series 4K LED TVs from Sony are available at all Jumbo Electronics outlets and select electronics retailers across the UAE.

Sony X9000 4K Ultra HD BRAVIA TV
Sony X9000 4K Ultra HD BRAVIA TV


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