Social Enterprise Week 2014

Social Enterprise Week 2014

Photo: Pamela Wilson, Speaker and Founder of Silla

Calling all young moms, new entrepreneurs, and young minds. Come out and join the discussions taking place during Social Enterprise Week 2014 (SOCENT). SOCENT is comprised of a series of expert panel discussions, workshops and networking events that aim to draw current and aspiring social entrepreneurs and investors into the UAE’s growing social enterprise community.

SOCENT Week 2014 will take place from March 4 -9 in Dubai. The week-long celebration of the social enterprise ecosystem comprising individuals and businesses like Arbour Group will feature a series of panel discussions every evening, from prominent guest speakers representing a spectrum of business sectors to encourage new and emerging entrepreneurs to share their ideas on doing “Business for Good.”

So what exactly is social entrepreneurship? Social entrepreneurship is the process of developing self-sustainable businesses that simultaneously benefit those in the community in which the business operates.

“Doing Sydney translations pricing business for good goes beyond corporate social responsibility; it’s about creating sustainability, encouraging social innovation, and re-investing into the community. Social enterprise has emerged as our generation’s answer to the unmet altruistic instincts deep within us all.” says Fereshteh Amarsy, founder of SOCENT Week. “At SOCENT Week we want to give everyday people a path towards fulfilling this mission by giving them the network, resources, encouragement and guidance needed to partake in this journey. Our goal is for SOCENT Week to be the networking and educational platform that helps propel this community forward. We want to make it a real experience for individuals to make their business ideas a reality, and help harness their efforts to continue bringing change to business ideas and practices.”

If you’re interested in starting a business or currently running one my charge to you is to attend at least one event this week, also if you’re planning on doing business internationally here you will find valuable information and advice on doing business Indonesia. Alternatively, you can try your luck with stock investing. Finding out what is RDSB share price is a good start.

I will be attending the screening of Girl Rising at Impact Hub Dubai on March 7, 2014. This exciting global initiative includes young women entrepreneurs from 24 different cities across the globe, whom are associated or have started an organization working with women who will host and screen film. The objective is to spread awareness on issues of women’s empowerment and the importance of educating girls. The screening will not be limited to women only and encourages young entrepreneurs to attend and participate in the live discussions following the film on how you can play your part to spread awareness and make an impact on the lives of girls across the world.

The screenings will take place over 12 different hours, making it a marathon of screenings and discussions happening in different parts of the world. There will be discussions pre and post screening, which will be live streamed through Google Plus Hangouts on Air.

For a full list of activities, visit the Social Enterprise Week 2014 website.



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