Smartphone Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Smartphone Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


I must admit that I initially thought a smartphone with curved edges was just a gimmick. I mean, how functional could it be? Samsung cast the Edge into a class of its own with this single design element and they also built functionality into the phone that make the curved sides valuable – legendary even. In additional to the dual-edge curved screen, the Edge is outfitted with seamless metal and glass casing. It features a slim 7mm profile and 5.1 inch display that feels good in your hand. This mobile is the perfect size for me. I’m a one-hand power user and I felt comfortable using the phone for everything from email to voice calls. The Edge looks luxurious and comes in sophisticated colors like black sapphire, white pearl and gold platinum. My review unit was white which I loved but I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of those colors. The only design related issue I had was with selecting the ‘Back’ button. There’s a Back arrow and the word ‘Back” in the upper left corner of the screen. You must touch the arrow, which is positioned on the curved edge to execute the command. I frequently found the finger placement for that to be a little odd.



The Edge has a 5.1 inch HD Super AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. and TouchWiz UI which made touch screen commands a snap. My finger seemed to glide across the glass. If I had to use only my sense of touch to describe the phone, I’d say it feels slick and chilled – like refined metal tends to feel. Videos and photos are amazingly crisp on the device. Aside from it’s compact size, there was very little difference between watching video on the mobile vs a television. I used the the device in bright, direct sunlight and maintained better screen visibility than I do with my iPhone 6 Plus.



The Galaxy S6 Edge has 16 MP primary camera with optical image stabilization, auto-focus and LED flash. Just like it’s viewing capacity, the device takes stunning, crisp photos. There’s also a secondary, front-facing 5 MP camera.



The Galaxy S6 Edge is solid device. It performs as you would expect a mobile of its caliber to so I’m going to skip the fundamentals and tell you how I used it and what I like about it. The Edge is packed with features that allow you to use it inconspicuously. Because I receive frequent notifications and allow message preview on whatever device I’m using, I often place my phone face down to maintain privacy. The problem with that is, I can’t see my notifications as they happen either. People Edge allows you to assign priority to up to five contacts. It also gives you the ability to color code each priority contact as a visual indicator of who’s calling. The best part about this is the phone glows in the color assigned to a priority contact when they call and even when the phone is face down, you can see the color on the curved edges. And if I want to take the call coming through? All I have to do is pick up the phone and bring it to my ear. The Direct Call feature allows you to call a contact whose call log, message or contact details are currently displayed on the screen by bringing the device to your ear. It only saves the push of a button but it feels cool as hell.


I don’t wear a watch; At least not until I commit to a smartwatch. Consequently, the number one reason I look at my phone is to check the time with social media notifications being a close second. Because I use my mobile device as a timepiece I was also impressed with the Night Clock feature – yet another function that makes use of the curved edge design. With Night Clock turned on, you can see the time and date on the edge of the device without having to turn on the main screen. I like the ability to get the information I need by simply glancing at the phone without having to handle it, especially when I’m all tucked in.

Another notable feature is the method by way you can mute incoming calls and alarms. The Edge takes motions and gestures to a new level by allowing you to mute the phone by simply placing your hand on the screen or turning the device over.


The S6 Edge runs Android  5.0 Lollipop which functioned just I had expected it to. One thing to note is that I am particularly pleased with the way Instagram renders on the device. Photos seem to be boundless as they curve with the device. The curved edges actually add visual interest. It’s like looking at an infinity-edge swimming pool. I must also note here that the S6 Edge powers Gear VR, a virtual reality headset by Samsung and Oculus.



The phone is powered by a 2600mAh battery and is plum for both wired and wireless charging. I didn’t have any problems with battery life. I’m a heavy social user and the Edge outlasted me all day. There are built-in measures to preserve battery life as well. I mentioned the Night Clock feature that I like but having the date and time on display all night consumes a lot of juice. No worries, though. Night Clock is disabled when battery power drops below 15%. This way, you won’t start your day with a dead device.

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