Sapori Di BiCE: The Place For Fun Family Dining

Sapori Di BiCE: The Place For Fun Family Dining

Saturday my toddler and I attended a family brunch at Sapori Di BiCE, an extension of the award-winning network of BiCE restaurants. Sapori di BiCE, which opened in January 2014 and is located at Jumeirah’s Citywalk Mall, marks the group’s entry into the casual chic dining world, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for all ages.

Led by Chef Roberto Pagni, the restaurant offers authentic cuisine from a full Italian culinary team.  Sapori, Italian for ‘flavours’, embraces the idea of wholesome Italian food, enjoyed as a family dining experience. With a focus on fresh, seasonal cuisine, you can view the dish of your choice being prepared right before your eyes at the open rotisserie and wood burning ovens.  Many dishes are prepared fresh in store daily, including pasta, breads and a selection of ten different flavors of gelato.  Other menu highlights include large meat platters designed to share, health giving salads, and a range of gluten free and organic options.  Children can delight in a dedicated kid’s menu and activities designed to entertain including pizza making whereby little ones can make their own creations, choosing from a selection of shapes and toppings, with the help of one of the experienced chefs.

The morning was centered around fun for the entire family and Sapari staff did an excellent job at accommodating the children. There were two stations set up; one for making cookies and the other for customizing their own pizza. My son is 21 months old and after an extended car ride from Abu Dhabi (mommy got lost), it took him some time to warm up to the idea of getting crafty with his food. The chefs were patient with him and eventually got him so excited about making pizza that he didn’t want to stop.

The pizza station was set up on the bar. The little pie makers were given three choices of shapes for their pizza; a star, heart or Mickey Mouse. Of course, my little guy chose Mickey. Next, the chef guided him through the process of adding marinara sauce to the dough. He let him scoop out spoonfuls of sauce and instructed him to place it in the center of the shape and spread it to the outer perimeter. Then, he placed a new tin full of cheese next us on the bar. The chef demonstrated how it should be applied to the dough and then passed the spoon off to my son. He heaped cheese onto the dough, sometimes spreading it with his fingers. When he was just about finished, he decided to taste the cheese from the serving spoon that the children were sharing. In a candid moment, I made eye contact with the chef and whispered, “You might want to change out your spoon”. Everyone within ear shot, who had seen my son lick the community spoon burst with laughter. It was all around a light-hearted, fun activity for all involved. My son mildly protested when his cheesy Mickey was placed into the oven, only because he didn’t want to part with it. After a bout five minutes, his perfect Mickey Mouse pizza, outfitted with olives for the eyes and a nose, was delivered to the table. It was delicious.

The cookie station was outfitted with pre-made sheets of cookie dough, cookie cutters and large mixing bowls of colored icing. W enjoyed  choosing from shapes like stars, batman and even a gingerbread shaped cutter. He particularly took pleasure in tapping the cookie cutter into the cookie dough to ensure that it was cut all the way through. When he was done, his perfectly shaped cookies were baked to perfection and given to him, in a box,  to take home and enjoy. Well, we both enjoyed them.

While my son munched on his very own pizza creation, I enjoyed tasting an assortment of selections from the menu. They have everything you could possibly crave during a mid-morning brunch from Seasonal Fresh Fruit to  Eggs Florentine with Smoked Salmon and Spinach. My favorite thing, that I can’t wait to return for, is their paninis. My favorites were the Focaccia Caprese Panini and the Parmigianino Panini. I definitely recommend trying them. As I write this post, I am munching on an assortment of Sapori home made pastries. I honestly can’t name them all but they taste delicious.

Sapori Di BiCE lives up to its’ goal to provide authentic Italian food that the whole family can enjoy. The restaurant is open from 8am-11:30pm.  For reservations please contact the team at +971 4 344 2550 or at


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  1. That’s what’s up! You have my nephew participating in some cool stuff Tamara, and with an awarding winning network. Made me hungry 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. How absolutely exciting! It was obvious that your little chef was enjoying himself. You had me right there in the mix.
    Thanks for sharing.

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