Sanderson’s serves up IG worthy entrees and decor

Sanderson’s serves up IG worthy entrees and decor
sandersons exterior

Listen. Nothing pops on Instagram like mouth-watering food pics and Sanderson’s is serving them up. The restaurant, which is tucked away behind Al Seef Village Mall is located at The Walk, an eclectic outdoor retail space. Getting there is a treat in and of itself as you walk past vivid murals, thematic F&B outlets and a street covered by a canopy of colorful umbrellas. 

From the outside, Sanderson’s is deceptively plain but that changes the moment you step inside. The interior is light, airy and filled with natural elements that bring the outside in. From the wispy palms to the floating rattan pendant lights and tropical color palette, Sanderson’s is a vibe you don’t want to miss. 

sandersons interior

Service with a smile

The restaurant is beautiful but laid back and so were the staff. The server was nice and accommodating leaving no room for complaints. The hostess was pleasant as well once she finally caught up with me. 

There was no one at the door when I arrived so I walked right in. She hurried over to take my temperature as I joined my friend waiting at a nearby table. I’m guessing that it happened this way because the hostess was off doing something else. There were very few staff on hand (likely due to covid cutbacks) but that didn’t adversely affect service. 

Get online 

What’s on the menu? Well, first you need an app to figure that out. Instead of physical menus, we were given a printed QR code, which requires a QR reader app. I didn’t have one so I logged on to Sanderson’s public Wi-Fi and downloaded one from the Google Play Store in about a minute. 

sandersons eggs benedict

The code opened a digital version of the menu on my phone and I was able to make my selections. Sanderson’s creates nutritious, wholesome meals using the freshest seasonal ingredients. The menu is full of healthy, appetizing options but I went with the most indulgent thing I could find – brioche French Toast, served with vanilla cream, fresh berries and mixed berry compote. It was everything I hoped for. 

sandersons food

The server apologized for the state of the vanilla cream as it had lost its form and spread across the plate. At the time I didn’t understand why but as we were leaving the situation became clear. The restaurant has two separate structures; the kitchen is located across the walkway from the dining area. Consequently, my plate was prepared and then walked over to the dining room.  Although it was covered, the humidity zapped that cream in just a short amount of time. 

My entrée was AED 55 and we split the cost of a large sparkling water bringing my grand total to AED 65. What a bargain! 

The verdict

Sanderson’s is truly a hidden gem and possible the cutest café in Abu Dhabi. The ambiance is welcoming – it’s a place where you feel comfortable – and the food tastes great. 

Need to know

AED 200 for two | The Walk at Al Seef Village Mall | 02 222 1142 |

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