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TClarke_Blogger_headshotHow’d I get here? My husband accepted a job in the UAE and suddenly we became expats. With an eight month old baby boy in tow, I arrived in Abu Dhabi with no clear plan for my career until my husband suggested we visit Dubai. “I think you’ll really like it”, he said and I did. As we traveled northbound on Sheikh Zayed Road beneath the towering skyline of luxury malls and hotels, I was surprised to see the logos of tech giants like Acer, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle. Prior to this 50 minute road trip, I had no idea that Dubai was an epicenter of technology and big business for the region. This was a pleasant discovery that forever changed the trajectory of my life…and my blog. With a background in software development, it made sense to leverage my new location and extend my career into tech based journalism. Suddenly, I had purpose and a plan to turn the diary-style expat blog that I had started to keep family and friends current on our adventures into a leading tech-lifestyle blog based in the UAE.

The Global Gazette, has been welcomed, invited and lauded by some of the most influential technology influencers in the region.  Since my arrival in the UAE in December 2012, I have taken social media, along with all things tech and lifestyle, by storm. My goal is to inform about technology and how it supports our lifestyles in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. Whether explaining how a new gadget improves day-to-day life or how to coordinate smartphone accessories, I will surely  deliver tech news with great style.

In addition to my blog, I am also the tech columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine Middle East. Each month I source the coolest new gadgets and doodads to feature in a double-page spread called #TamTalksTech … because that’s what I do. Whether sharing links to blog posts, live tweeting from events or chatting about my everyday adventures as a blogging mother of two, you can follow my commentary with that hashtag as well. So log on, follow and shout me out. I can’t wait to talk a little tech with you!


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