Review: Shure Aonic50 Headphones

Review: Shure Aonic50 Headphones

Shure Aonic50 wireless headphones are made for portability and comfort. The headphones are packaged in a striking circular box, which gives a nod to what’s inside. Aonic50 comes in a premium carrying case – which I love, by the way – and includes a 3.5mm audio cable and a USB-C cable for charging. Basically, everything you need to start enjoying high-resolution audio is in the box.

Aonic50 packaging


The headphones fold flat to fit into the carrying case as opposed to a configuration fold that can be tricky and lead to breakage. The only downside is that the case is slightly larger than some others such as the Sony WH-1000XM3. It’s not a massive difference so they are still easy to transport.

Aonic50 features a well-cushioned headband and ear pads making it comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. The padding also enables a snug fit, which makes it possible to run and exercise while wearing the headset. In terms of looks, Aonic50 has a sleek, premium aesthetic the leather-like elements and matte chrome handles.

Aonic50 headset


Aonic50 features adjustable noise cancellation technology to eliminate background noise and distractions – a very useful function when there are kids running around. On the other hand, there’s also an environment mode, which lets a bit a background noise in. This functionality just about puts Aonic50 on par with other premium wireless headsets but Shure missed the mark by not including gesture controls.

Aonic50 does have well placed fingertip controls for quick access to answer calls, adjust volume, play and pause music. Thanks to the size and location of the buttons, I didn’t fumble trying to use them. Aonic50 can also be controlled virtually using the ShurePlus Play app available on iOS and Android. Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth is simple especially with voice commands, which guides the listener through setup.

Aonic50 on lady

Aoinic50 promises up to 20 hours of battery life, which I can attest to. I used the headphones intermittently over a three-day period without having to charge them. The key here is powering off between uses. In terms of sound, Aonic50 performed well – no complaints at all.

The verdict

So far I’ve only used Aonic50 to stream music leisurely but I think they’re a solid choice. My plan is to ultimately pair them with a Shure mic for podcasting. I’ll update this post after that experience.


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