Review: LG TWINWash Washing Machine

Review: LG TWINWash Washing Machine
I’ve been writing about the LG TWINWash since the first model was launched in 2017. Consequently, I thought I knew everything there was to know about the appliance but turns out, I didn’t. Nothing beats hands-on experience so here’s how it all went down when I spent a month using it.


Just like the name suggests, TWINWash is two washers in one – literally. It’s composed of a large washer on top and a smaller, pedestal washer on the bottom. To my surprise, each washer was brought in separately and then stacked. Moreover, each component has its own exhaust and power cords which means that your laundry area needs two outbound hose ports and two power supply outlets. I live in a moderately sized flat and unfortunately my laundry space wasn’t outfitted for two machines but LG’s installation crew worked it out. The exhaust hoses are thin so the technician bound them together using electrical tape and put both through the same opening. Then, they removed the head from an extension cord, sheered the wire casing and connected it our power source. We were then able to supply power to both units. I appreciated that the installation crew was professional, resourceful and that they found a way to make it work. You can purchase the TWINWash from major electronics retailers but I can vouch that the LG store and showroom here, in Abu Dhabi, provides excellent customer service.


Bigger is better
TWINWash is part of the LG SIGNATURE range, which is all about efficiency, helping you get more clothes cleaner in less time. The front loading washer for big jobs has a wash capacity of a whopping 19 kg. That’s a big drum with space for a lot of clothes. I literally ran around the house for 10 minutes, grabbing and dumping laundry baskets into it trying to fill it up for the first wash. I was used to doing more loads with fewer clothes because my washer had a lower capacity (7 kg). The larger drum was a God send for this family of four and to my surprise, the larger loads didn’t require more time to wash and dry – did I mention that this machine has a drying function too? It does.


On average, a full load took 1 hour and 44 minutes to wash and dry. There are several combinations of wash and dry settings that you can choose from using the digital display. After you push start, the drum spins and stops several times to take the weight of load. Once the clothes are weighed, the machine calculates the time it will take to be complete the wash and/or dry settings that were chosen. The time is then displayed on the LCD screen. I marveled the process every time I used it.
The LG SideKick, the pedestal style washer down below is for little loads that have unique care instructions. This basin is deceptively large; it can hold more clothes than you think. The SideKick was my go to for items that should not be machine dried like athletic gear. All of our dri fit apparel needs to be washed, and removed immediately so this was perfect for that.


Which brings me to the whole point of this experience – I was able to wash two loads at one time (insert clap emojis here). This saved TIME! My laundry day is Saturday and I pretty much start the moment my feet hit the floor and finish around bedtime for my kids – no joke. There might be some lag time or small breaks in between but with my smaller, singular washer, doing laundry is an all day affair. TWINWash easily shaved about a third of the time off that chore. To put it mildly, I was very sad to see the machine go.


Note: I was able to wash and dry two sets of twin sheets in an hour and 48 minutes; that’s two fitted sheets, two flat sheets and two pillowcases that fit my kid’s beds. #winning


Get connected
TWINWash also has SmartThinQ technology which lets you operate or monitor your laundry from anywhere, anytime. You can track energy consumption or use Download Cycle to add a whole range of newly developed wash cycles during the washing machine’s entire lifespan. This is a great “just in case” feature but I must admit that I didn’t have much use for it. There was a time or two when it was helpful to initiate an additional dry cycle but typically, when I was doing laundry, I was close enough to the machine to do it directly.


Note: The “swirl technology” is what I liked the most. The key to wrinkle free clothes is to remove them from the dryer immediately but that’s not always feasible. When TWINWash completes a dry cycle, the drum will periodically spin to loosen the clothes and keep wrinkles from setting in. Again, this is a major win.
LG TWINWash is a sleek, impeccably designed appliance that instantly improves the aesthetic of any laundry room however, it – is – BIG. You can’t have a 19 kg capacity washer without compromising space. My laundry area is rather generous for a flat but it still fell a bit short of being able to accommodate the machine. So what did we do? We removed one of the interior doors that closes off the laundry area. (see pic below) When it comes to TWINWash, you make space. While I knew this was a temporary fix, after a while I started to like the no-door setup. If I were to invest in the machine and give it a permanent place in my home, I’d remove both doors and replace my open face linen shelves with a closed cupboard. After all, the TWINWash looks too good to be tucked away.

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