Review: Ladurée Tea Room in Abu Dhabi Mall

Review: Ladurée Tea Room in Abu Dhabi Mall

Ladurée is filled with pretty, pastel desserts but does its lunch menu live up to the hype? You’ve probably seen Ladurée as its striking interior and wall-to-wall displays of macaroons simply can’t be missed. The French luxury bakery and sweets maker gives you a taste of Paris right here in Abu Dhabi and its one of the world’s best known premier sellers of the double-decker macaroon.

Laduree display counter

Because it’s known for pastries, that’s exactly where my experience should have stayed – with pastries. Instead, I opted for lunch and made all the wrong choices. Ladurée offers a very generous lunch deal inclusive of your choice of starter, a main course, one macaroon and a cup of coffee or tea for just AED 99.

tam leaning on dining chair in Laduree

The meal deal

I started with a bowl of French onion soup, which was partially prepared at the table. The server slowly poured the piping hot soup over a cheese-covered pastry. I’ll give them points for presentation but the dish was a far cry from tradition. The soup was watery and the pastry lacked its usual full, rich composition so it missed the mark for me.

The main course was equally disappointing. I ordered fish and chips, which apparently came with a side a tartar sauce as opposed to a little for dipping. A third of the plate was filled with homemade tartar sauce leaving just enough space for a small piece of batter dipped fish and fries – not chips. The food was bland and the portion size was appropriate for a child.

Laduree fish and chips

The only sweet spot in this meal was the macaroon, which I paired with a kettle of green tea. Ladurée offers a wide variety of flavored macaroons and I chose lemon, which, was equal parts zesty and sweet. It was a great way to bring a rather lackluster meal to a good end.

Laduree macaroons

The verdict

I tried to make this spot something that it’s not. Rule of thumb is to order what a restaurant specializes in and keep it moving. If I had ordered one of the French toast or poached egg pastries, I probably would’ve been satisfied with the meal. Ladurée surpassed my expectations for macaroons so that’s what you should order there. They have tons of beautifully packaged macaroons for gifts too so you can share the love.

Laduree gifts

Need to know

02 672 2673 | AED 250 for two a la carte | Abu Dhabi Mall, Level 1  |

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