Review: Hawksbill restaurant at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

Review: Hawksbill restaurant at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

Hawksbill restaurant has rolled out a tasty new menu, featuring enticing new additions as well as a popular signature dishes. Located at the pristine Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, Hawksbill serves up amazing views with each meal, but you don’t have to get a hole in one to enjoy it. Hawksbill is open to the general public so swing into action and give it a try.

The experience 

Hawksbill interior

Hawksbill is situated inside the main pavilion of the Golf Club across from the gift shop and its terrace overlooks the green. The restaurant is open, airy and tables are situated with ample space to maintain social distancing. In fact, there were other people dining but it didn’t even feel like we had neighbors. As a result, we had what felt like a semi-private experience. 

The space is anchored by a fully stocked bar and a large, flat screen. There was ample staff available to us and each course was served timely. Our server, Patrick, was well versed with the new menu and kindly made recommendations upon request. 

The food

hawksbill homemade chips

We kick things off with two small servings of homemade chips while making selections from the digital menu. The chips were light, crunchy and just what we needed to ease into the meal. I enjoyed a refreshing glass of precision sangria, a mix of sparkling white wine, fresh pineapple juice, chilled white rum, lemon lime soda and fresh mint, with the chips. 

For starters, we tuck into a platter of buffalo wings served hot and crispy. The wings were full of flavour but not messy as the sauce was baked into the crispy skin. Firecracker shrimp, which consisted of marinated jumbo prawns wrapped in crispy spring roll sheets turned out to be an excellent choice too. 

Hawksbill buffalo wings
Hawksbill firecracker shrimp

For the mains, we went with the classics – fish and chips and balsamic pulled beef. Two pieces of traditional Nile perch were served on a mountain of golden steak fries with mushy peas on the side. The pulled beef, which was cooked in a rich, balsamic flavoured sauce was served with mashed potatoes, savoy cabbage and roasted carrots. All of the flavors and textures and in this dish worked exceptionally well together. I highly recommend it. The pulled beef was perfectly paired with a merlot as recommended by Patrick. 

We ended the meal on a sweet note with a slice of cheesecake for two and coffee served in a to-go cup – we made it home on time to relieve the babysitter. 

Hawksbill fish and chips
hawksbill pulled beef

The verdict 

Hawksbill at Saadiyat Island Beach Golf Club did not disappoint. The menu offers a balanced variety of international and locally inspired dishes to suit everyone. It’s presented well too. The menu must be accessed using a QR code and in addition to ingredients, it lists the calorie count and cook time for each meal – a nice touch. It’s also worth noting that the prices on the menu are net unlike in hotel restaurants where takes are added to the final bill. With good food, excellent service and premium location, Hawksbill turned out to be a date night to remember. 

Need to Know

Reservation required | 056 660 8780 | AED 400 for 2 | Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, Saadiyat Island  |

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