Restaurant Review: The Hippy Chic

Restaurant Review: The Hippy Chic

The Hippy Chic has become a go-to dining destination for my husband and I. We frequent the  location closest to our home which is situated at Etihad Plaza in Khalifa City A. The convenient location allows us to pop in for a meal, pick up groceries at Abela and handle banking business in a single visit. And, on those occasions when we don’t feel like traveling for a meal, they deliver to us!

The Atmosphere. The decor of The Hippy Chic transports guests back to the seventies era via mod furniture, partial booths and lava lamps. As the name implies, this restaurant was made for the hippy – fun, laid back, groovy – part of us all. There were lava lamps placed in cubicle shelves that doubled as partitions throughout the space. The fabric on the chairs featured  colorful circles in various sizes in abstract placements which mimicked the inside of the lamps. The perimeter of the restaurant was equipped with a grill line where orders are placed and paid for and the Hippy Chic Deli fridge. The deli fridge is stocked with prepared sandwiches and salads. A retro, Coca-Cola themed soda fridge rounds out the decor. There’s ample seating inside the restaurant but if you fancy eating outdoors, you can dine on an open patio, shared by a few other eateries, in front of the gorgeous Etihad Towers.

The Food. It is casual dining to the fullest with no frills and no fuss but there’s nothing lack luster about their chicken. Chicken is their specialty. The menu options are decent but the best part of this experience is being able to customize your chicken order. We always create our own chicken entree. It goes a little something like this…First, choose your chicken. For example, boneless/skinless breast or kabob. Next, choose your sauce. You can select spicy, mild or Hawaiian BBQ. Finally, choose your side. Popular side choices are the hippy salad and hippy fries. I’ve had both and they are tasty. The hippy fries are seasoned which is a nice touch to distinguish them from every other side of fries out there. There are a host of other sides to choose from as well. My regular is the grilled, rosemary chicken kabobs in Hawaiian BBQ sauce with a side of hippy fries and sometimes a hippy salad. My order comes with two kabobs; each has four large, cubed pieces of grilled chicken separated by onions, green and red bell peppers. The kabobs are grilled in the BBQ sauce and a container of it comes with the meal for dipping. The kabobs are a la carte and you must build your entree if you order them. There are no meal options that include kabobs. My husband likes the chicken breast with hot sauce and hippy fries. His entree comes with two medium sized grilled chicken breasts. We both enjoy our regular selections every time we have them.

The food is good. It’s better and healthier than fast food but not quite on par with exceptional restaurant food. It’s somewhere in the middle. I have had lunch and dinner there several times and breakfast only once. I won’t be having breakfast their again. I ordered pancakes, rather late in the breakfast service times, and they weren’t as moist and fluffy as I prefer. I wasn’t fond of the house syrup either. It was listed on the menu as maple syrup. It had the thickness of Karo syrup and tasted more herbal than sweet.

The Service. The service was just Okay. Everyone smiled and did what was asked of them but their environment is one of do-it-yourself. Whether you dine in or carry out, the process is to go up to the grill line and place your order. Then, seat yourself with a table number. A waiter brings your food to the table and is available if you need anything. It’s not  a seat you, serve you, cater to you type of establishment. As I mentioned above, it’s casual dining to the fullest. Check out is pretty much handled the same way. You take your check back to the grill line and cash out.

The Score. Overall, The Hippy Chic is a nice place to get quality, healthy food at a decent price. In my opinion, the prices are fair but slightly higher than average when you choose a la carte items. The concept is well executed and they perform well within their niche…chicken. I wouldn’t recommend Hippy Chic for breakfast. I give The Hippy Chic a B+.

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