Restaurant Review: Jones the Grocer

Restaurant Review: Jones the Grocer

My hubby and I had lunch at Jones the Grocer yesterday. Its a swanky restaurant set in the middle of a modern specialty grocery store. The store is located on the ground floor of the Al Momoura Building B in downtown Abu Dhabi. Jones is an Australian establishment that sources gourmet products from around the world. They specialize in food made with natural ingredients developed by artisan suppliers and specialists. They sell a wide variety of specialty items including tea leaves, luxury chocolate, hand made sauces and artisan cheeses and crackers.

Atmosphere. The atmosphere was upscale but comfortable. I would describe the decor as “modern comfort”. The furniture looked good with clean lines but felt comfortable. It’s also a kid friendly place. They brought over a space age looking high chair for my son. He was comfortable in his seating as well. The grocery items are displayed on shelves and racks that mimic furniture pieces as opposed to being stocked on retail shelving. The grocery elements are on the perimeter of the store and the restaurant is in the middle. There’s also a bar and bakery inside.

Food. The food was great. I had the beef burger with cheese. Forgive me for forgetting the formal name. It was delicious…the best burger I’ve seen and tasted since I have been in Abu Dhabi. It came with a healthy portion of french fries prepared in olive oil. Instead of traditional ketchup, the fries were served with a freshly made spicey, tomato dipping sauce. I truly enjoyed my meal. A friend, who’s a vegetarian, had a an equally good tomato and mozzarella sandwich on a toasted baguette. I plan to try that on the next visit. I also had a lemon flavored  Parker’s Organic lightly Sparkling drink to complement the meal. Jones stocks sparkling juices in the grocery section. They make a great light, refreshing treat. I recommend purchasing a few for home.

Service. The service was great. Our waiter knew the menu and was helpful as we made our choices. The food arrived promptly and was to everyone’s liking. At the end of our meal the manager came over and inquired about our visit. He was very nice and we learned that he was formerly a teacher in Spain.

Overall, I give this restaurant an A+ and I will eat there again. Want to see pictures from Jones the Grocer? Check out our Facebook page.

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