Restaurant Review: Iftar at La Terrazza

Restaurant Review: Iftar at La Terrazza

As I walked up the staircase in the lobby admiring the shimmering chandelier overhead, I remembered the place. La Terrazza – I had been there before for Friday brunch with friends. The ambiance was as comfortable and inviting as it had been the first time. The dining room, which extends onto the landing of the stairway, is open, airy and anchored by a wall of floor to ceiling windows with sweeping views of the Corniche. We were seated at a table near the windows and watched the sun set over Abu Dhabi, signaling the commencement of Iftar. 

The buffet which included two warm food stations, fruit, dessert, soup and salad bars provided ample choices and there was something for everyone – even my children who can be quite selective. To their credit, the food was prepped and served on time but the downside is that some of the food chilled a bit as we waited for sundown. For example, my first round of roasted potatoes were cold but after a second pass, I realized that the food closest to the bottom of the warming trays was hot. My guess is that being closer to the heat source helped the food on the bottom to maintain its temperature. There was also an attended serving station for Curry Lamb. It was delicious and a favorite at my table. The meat was tender and savory and it left a pungent kick of spice after each bite. The selections included traditional Arab dishes like Arabic Mix Grill, Chicken Shawarma, Chicken Kapsa, Dawood Basha and Fattoush to name a few. The dessert bar is filled with small bites for sampling. I recommend the lemon tart, chocolate cake and my favorite – cheesecake with mixed berries and flaked nuts. 

The staff was pleasant and extremely helpful. We were dining with small children so we commanded more attention. The restaurant was properly staffed and they responded to requests in a timely manner. One of the servers even met us at Valet to return my toddler’s cup which we had left in the dining room.

If you’re looking for a casual dining Iftar experience in Abu Dhabi, La Terrazza is a great choice. Located inside the Hilton Abu Dhabi, La Terrazza serves Iftar daily from 7:00 pm. Adults can enjoy the meal with unlimited soft drinks and juices for AED 175 while children under 5 years old eat free. Children ages 5-12 cost AED 85. On related topic , please checkout

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