Restaurant Review: Caramel Abu Dhabi

Restaurant Review: Caramel Abu Dhabi


Caramel is nestled among luxury retail shopping within the St. Regis Hotel on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. Positioned on Saadiyat Island which is home to artistic treasures like the Lourve Abu Dhabi and the Saadiyat Golf Course, Caramel is an ideal fine dining destination whether you live on or off island. The restaurant combines soft lighting, contemporary decor and surfaces made of natural materials like wood and marble for a sophisticated and serene environment. The space, which felt very relaxing, is divided into tow distinct areas; the dining room and lounge area. The dining room is outfitted with a configuration of dining tables and the lounge area has plush, more casual seating options like sofas with ottomans. The lounge area is also home to the DJ booth and bespoke bar that is nothing short of an artistic feature within the space. You can dine and then enjoying the DJ into the late night hours. I appreciate that the restaurant combines fine dining with entertainment making it an attractive venue for the young, sophisticated socialite.

Dining Room
Lounge area
Lounge area


DJ Booth in Lounge area


The food was excellent. To start, my guest and I shared a martini glass filled with TNT Shrimp. The lightly battered shrimp served with Japanese Mayo started the meal off with quite a kick. I paired bites of shrimp with the Beverly Hills Cobb Salad. The salad was fresh and inclusive of ample ingredients; not the one or two bits of veal bacon or egg that may have underwhelmed at other establishments. For our main course, we both opted for the Surf and Turf which included an 8 oz filet and lobster tail. I added the Lobster Mash as my side dish and my guest complemented the meal with Forest Mushrooms. No meal is complete without something sweet. I ended with a warm apple crumble skillet served with vanilla ice cream. It was sublime. The meal was delightful and I enjoyed it in it’s entirety.

TNT Shrimp
Surf and Turf
Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream


The staff at Caramel were attentive, pleasant and on point. From buying guide to topping off water glasses without a mention to promptly delivering our meal, the service was impeccable. A highlight for me – and something altogether new – was how the Beverly Hills Cobb Salad was delivered and prepared. The server delivered the salad to the table with finely chopped ingredients meticulously separated into sections. He placed it in front of me and then asked, “Shall I mix for you madam?” I said yes and he mixed the salad and applied the dressing at the table. Impressive. We visited Caramel early in the summer prior to leaving for a month long vacation. Upon our return, there were two pieces of mail from Caramel Abu Dhabi at our door. The restaurant had taken the time to send us hand written ‘thank you’ notes. Yet another fine gesture to round out the great service we received from Caramel.


I highly recommend Caramel Abu Dhabi. The food and service are top notch and the experience is well worth the price. If I had to compare Caramel to a similar establishment, I would say it’s most comparable to The Meat Company with regard to both food and price. In my opinion, Caramel Abu Dhabi is 5 star dining that you must try. To get in touch for reservations or learn more about Caramel, visit them online; Tweet @CaramelAbuDhabi or visit them on Facebook,

Hand Written Thank You Notes from Caramel


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