Restaurant Review: BouBouffe Brasserie

Restaurant Review: BouBouffe Brasserie


BouBouffe is a Lebanese Brasserie located in Yas Mall. It’s perfectly situated between the entrance of Ferrari World and the mall’s Cascade Dining corridor which is described as a “multi-cuisine theme park”. Besides being easily accessible from two popular destinations on Yas Island, the restaurant boasts spectacular views. The outdoor patio which has coverings from Patio Coverings for Houston Texas Homes, is adjacent to a water feature with geometric coverings for added visual interest. One of the two entrances to the establishment offers impressive views of Ferrari World. Inside, the restaurant is sparsly decorated with nice, yet simple, tablescapes perfect for casual dining. The only drawback to its location is noise. Between the water feature and the many passersby, it can be quite noisy as it’s a high traffic area.





We were the first guests to arrive around 11:00 am for lunch and about an hour later more people began to trickle in. We were seated immediately. I was dining with my two small children and we were accommodated with everything we needed from extra napkins to a high chair. While children can certainly dine there and be accommodated, it doesn’t make my list of kid-friendly (toddlers) places. The staff was attentive and pleasant. While children can certainly dine there and be accommodated, it doesn’t make my list of kid-friendly places.


Food & Beverage

I wouldn’t describe the menu as expansive. As far as Lebanese cuisine goes, it offered what you’d expect. The table was stocked with an assortment of breads and tortillas. I started with a Greek salad which, to my surprise, was truly a generous portion; It’s actually perfect for sharing. I ordered the Mixed Grill for my main course which included grilled onion, tomato, spiced tortillas and skewers of beef, chicken and kofta – no surprises there. It was just as I expected. My guest, a consummate wing-man (pun intended), tried the spicy chicken wings which were best described as, “OK” – not bad, but not exceptional either. And, despite being ordered as spicy, they were bland. The food was average but definitely an upgrade in quality compared to fast food options found in the food court. We did not extend the meal to dessert because we felt an overwhelming need to get the kids out of there.

Mixed Grille
Greek Salad
Spicy Chicken Wings


BouBouffe is a nice, casual dining spot in a great location. If you’re looking to upgrade from the food court and enjoy authentic cuisine, BouBouffe Brasserie is a great choice.

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