Print Your Own 3D Gummies at Candylicious

Print Your Own 3D Gummies at Candylicious

The world’s first 3D gummy printer made its debut in Dubai. At an exclusive media event, the Magic Candy Factory churned out artistic treats in the shape of octopuses, keys, hearts, pyramids, starfishes, frogs, butterflies and snowflakes in less than five minutes each. Magic Candy Factory also introduced “Candylicious Exclusive” shapes such as sharks, stingrays, dinos and the Dubai skyline for a little taste of home. The gummies, which come in a variety of flavors including cherry, tropical, lemon and mango, are quite delicious too.  Compared to store bought gummies, Magic Candy Factory produces a lighter version of this timeless treat that are 100% vegan, halal, non-GMO, dairy and nut-free.


My 3 year old watched with amazement as Magic Candy Factory doodled a raspberry frog with his name above it. As he eagerly awaited its completion I couldn’t help but imagine the possibilities of this new technology. Could one of his drawings be transformed into edible artwork? Or, could we make gummies in the shape of his favorite superhero? Melissa Snover, Managing Director & Founder of Katjes UK Ltd, explained that they encourage people to make their own customized artwork. “If you draw your own Spiderman then you can upload and print that. In the future we hope to have rights to lots of licensed products”, she said. In the meantime, you can choose from and customize their designs or upload your own jpg through the Magic Candy Factory website, or maybe try creating a prototype on your own home cheap 3d printer.

Katjes UK is already looking forward with plans to expand the service to other locations and  implement a mobile app for ordering. However growing this line of business is no small feat and the company understands it may be an uphill battle. “If I tried to 3D print Sunday dinner for people right now – they are not ready for that”, said Snover. She continued, “this is the perfect medium for getting people used to this idea and starting them on this path. Because we’ve introduced it, I hope we’ll have a role to play in a consumer model”. Until that time comes we can enjoy 3D gummies at the Candylicious store in Dubai Mall for the introductory price of AED 50, and regular price AED 65 per delicious treat.

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