Pretty in Pink: 4 Tech Accessories Every Girl Will Love

Pretty in Pink: 4 Tech Accessories Every Girl Will Love

Charging your smartphone is such a mundane task but with Belkin and Bando, you can spice things up a bit. Your phone is an extension of you so it’s accessories should be too. Check out these super cute must-haves in pretty shades of pink that keep you powered up and ready to go. 

Belkin MIXIT UP METALLIC Power Pack 6000 and MIXIT DuraTek USB-C Cable 

With the Belkin MIXIT UP METALLIC Power Pack 6000 you can charge up anywhere. Simply use the 6″ micro USB cable that comes with the device to charge it up before leaving home. Then, while you’re out and about, plug in your phone or tablet when you need a boost. It features a four-light LED battery status indicator, a huge 6600 mAh battery and two USB ports. That means you’ll be able to power up yourself and a friend at the same time. Although the power pack comes with a cable, you can upgrade and pair it with the MIXIT DuraTek USB-C Cable. It’s encased in DuPont Kevlar fiber – the same fiber used to protect firefighters. The double-braided nylon fibers form a flexible jacket that absorbs stress from bending to avoid breakage and repels heat just in case you keep it in the car. The bonus – both products are available in stunning Rose Gold. Back Me Up! Mobile Charger and Charging Cord packed power into a petite little case. Measuring just 2.25 in x 2.25 in the device has a slim profile and a lid to protect the 8-pin. Sorry Android users but this one’s just for iPhones and it’s not a total recharge. It charges the iPhone 5/5s up to 80%, the iPhone 6 up to 50%, and the iPhone 6 plus up to 30% – enough to get you through. What this option lacks in power it more than makes up for with style. The battery pack is available in Colorblock Neon pink with a gold metallic accent across the bottom. A charging cord comes with it but you can up your game and coordinate with the Back Me Up charging cord in Metallic Pink or Gold. 


The Belkin MIXIT UP METALLIC Power Pack 6000 is listed at $59.99 and the MIXIT DuraTek USB-C Cable is $29.99 USD. Both are available at 

The Back Me Up! Mobile Charger is listed at $35 USD (approximately AED 130) on and the charging cord is AED 100. 

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