These headphones test your hearing to deliver customized sound

These headphones test your hearing to deliver customized sound

PLAYGO BH-70 is the world’s first AI driven Noise Cancelling wireless headset with a host of impressive features including noise cancelling technology, smart touch & talk, auto pause and play features as well as self-calibrating earphones driven by artificial intelligence. BH-70 promises to meet satisfy the technical requirements of the advanced audiophile and here’s how I got on with it…

Tam wearing PLAYGO BH-70 headphones


PLAYGO BH-70 is ready for use straight out of the box. The headset comes with a Type-C cable, user guide – and best of all – a case that’s soft to the touch but structured enough to keep the headphones from getting crushed during transport. 

PLAYGO features an adjustable headband with foldable earcups lined in supple protein leather for a close, comfortable fit. The PLAY logo is displayed on both earcups in a contrasting gray color. Ordinarily this type of branding would detract from aesthetics but the combination of supple, faux leather, shiny and matte finishes on the hardware make the device look premium. 

I also appreciated the placement and size of the controls located along the underside of the earcups: ANC, power and charging port on the left with volume and call buttons on the right. The buttons are appropriately sized which minimizes fumbling and makes it easy to distinguish a tap from a long hold. 

Another small thing to note here is that there are clear indicators for connectivity. I’ve reviewed other headphones that blink two times when paired, three times to unpair and long hold for something else – that’s confusing. I appreciate that the indicator blinks blue when connected and red when it’s not. Simple. 

PLAYGO headphones


I powered on the device and to my surprise I was greeted by voice control, which made setup a breeze. The headphones have built-in CVC 6.0 noise cancelling microphones that are compatible with voice commands and can be used with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Bluetooth pairing to my Huawei Nova 5T, iPhone 6s and Macbook Pro was also seamless. 

Wearing the headphones was comfortable and the fit was snug enough that I’d feel comfortable jogging or working out in them. Weighing only 300 grams, PLAYGO is substantial but light enough to wear at length without feeling weighted down. 


The left earcup responds to gesture controls. While wearing the headphones, if you place your palm over the earcup, the music is muted. When you remove your palm, the music resumes. This enables you to tune in and out of whatever you’re listening to with minimal effort and distraction time, which can really add up when kids are around. With noise cancellation on deck when I needed it and the ability to lower the music and listen in when I needed to, I felt comfortable wearing the headphones with my kids playing nearby in another room. 

The few times that I did need to quickly remove the headphones and dart into the other room, I truly appreciated the Auto Pause & Play feature. When the headphones comes off, the music stops and as soon as its back on, the music resumes again – no gestures or buttons involved. 

Tam wearing PLAYGO BH-70

PLAYGO Companion App

The PLAYGO companion app adds another level of dimension to the technology underpinning this product. The app is available in both the Google Play and The App Store. For some reason, I couldn’t get out of a repetitive paring loop on my Android device but syncing up the mobile device, headphones and the app worked perfectly fine on my iPhone. The app has three primary functions: 

First, you can choose between two ANC levels: Bus/Train and Normal. I chose Normal and that was the only mode I was able to test due to social distancing and the lack of access to public transportation. 

Second, I was able to customize the equalizer by choosing from a number of presets including Popular, Rock, Jazz, Hi-Fi and custom, which let you modify the sound manually. This was the equivalent of applying a filter to a photo on Instagram and Hi-Fi was my favorite. 

Thirdly, the app makes AI Hearing Optimization possible. In my opinion, this is the feature that sets PLAYGO leaps and bounds above the competition. The app performs a simple hearing test whereby the earphones emitted sounds at a variety of frequencies and I had to indicate if and which ear I could hear the sound in. Once the test was complete, the algorithms re-tuned the frequencies to compensate for any hearing loss. This truly tailored how sound was rendered for me. 

The sound

Its 40 mm device drivers churn out great quality sound with the perfect mix of bass and treble. My favorite tunes were crisp, clear and loud when I wanted them to be, proving that PLAYGO BH-70 has the power to keep me going. 

PLAYGO BH-70 is available at Sharaf DG and Jumbo Electronics as well as online retailers, and

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