Photo Friday: Camels at the Camp Site

My husband and the train of camels he saw while camping in Abu Dhabi Photo Courtesy of Joshua Barnaby
My husband and the train of camels he saw while camping in Abu Dhabi / Photo Courtesy of Joshua Barnaby

Isn’t camping great?
Finally, you are back in nature. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You have promised yourself and your family that you will respect your natural rhythms — you will enjoy your vacation, one moment at a time. You have no plans but to let yourself go with the flow. You will do whatever you want, whenever you want. No need for a watch. You have even left your phone at home. Ahhh, life is good.

Before you set up camp and let your kids and pets roam and play freely, take five to read about camping etiquette and learn about the best cookware for camping.

You wouldn’t want to be that guy, the one that the entire campsite is talking about?

Follow these steps and live in harmony with the great green space and your fellow campers.


1. Set up camp where there is no vegetation and don’t alter the setting.

Don’t build any structures, dig holes or trenches. Remove all cords and ropes that you may have installed. Only use the trails that exist and follow each other single file.

2. Follow all fire instructions and completely extinguish all fires.

Every fire that you make must obey all regulations and restrictions. Build them with dead wood, branches and twigs, found on the ground. Disperse cold ashes and remove leftover garbage.

3. Admire mother nature from a distance.

Make sure that your children, your dog and your cat don’t interfere either. Don’t feed the wild animals. Protect your provisions, and if you feel you need more information, opt to click here to read.

4. Respect your camp neighbours.

Greet them when you cross them.

Safety first. Clear paths that lead to the toilets and communal spaces.

Don’t trespass other campsites. Make sure that your little and four-legged ones also know the boundaries.

Adjust the volume of your voices, techno gadgets and radio. The woods are known for their powerful echo and the walls of your tent are not soundproof.

Point tactical flashlight and lanterns to the ground. They are not welcome in other vacationers’ zone.

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