Panasonic Gives the Water Tower a Sleek New Look

Panasonic Gives the Water Tower a Sleek New Look
Appliances are the unsung heroes that make our homes livable and Panasonic is doing their bit to make sure they’re aesthetically pleasing. Water dispensers are a fixture in homes across the Gulf and traditional plain, plastic towers detract from home decor. Panasonic has rolled out a range of stylish water dispensers with a sleek black and metal finish. The new models look good without compromising reliability and functionality.
The range includes two top loading water dispensers and one bottom loading model. Panasonic’s advanced technologies deliver maximum reliability and usability through these key features:
•    Hot, cold and normal water options – icy-cold, piping hot or room temperature water at your fingertips from a single fast-flowing spout
•    LED light indicators – for safe and easy water dispensing in low-light conditions
•    Stainless steel hot and cold-water reservoir – ideal for eliminating the ‘plastic’ water taste common with some water dispensers
•    Child safety lock for hot water dispensing – to prevent accidents from unsupervised access by the little ones
•    Double safety device – to prevent overheating
•    Anti-finger proof stainless steel cabinet doors – for a clean, polished look always

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