Our Morning at Le Petit Palais

Our Morning at Le Petit Palais

Le Petit Palais is a French themed children’s town tucked away inside Galleries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall. The charming little town boasts a supermarket, bakery, petrol station, beauty salon, house, karaoke room, art station and soft play area – all the essentials to make pretend play come alive. To say that Le Petit Palais is not your average play place would be an understatement. It’s an amazing setting where children are only limited by their imagination. I was super excited when my little one received an invitation to experience it.


We visited on a Saturday morning. The staff were all warm and welcoming. If I had chosen to, I would have felt comfortable leaving my son in their care for an hour or two of play. From it’s location to the number of people on staff, Le Petit Palais is designed as a convenient drop-off spot for parents. You can leave your child to be attended by staff while they enjoy the town. An attendee takes general information at drop-off including your mobile phone number in case they need to reach you. I witnessed several parents drop off their children, head out for stress free shopping and return to collect happy, healthy and hopefully tired little ones.


Pretend play is only one aspect of the activities kids can engage in at Le Petit Palais. There is a well stocked art station where children can sit and make their own master piece. Le Petit doesn’t shirk on physical activities either. There are roadways throughout the town that children can navigate using ride-along toys provided by the palais. My little one is just under two years old so the soft play area was just right for him. He was able to jump from large alphabet cubes, roll and tumble onto plush mats.  His favorite area was the ball cage located at the bottom of the sliding board. Once he went in, there was no getting him out! He invited his father to come inside and watch him swim in the cool balls. It was priceless family time and I’m so glad I was able to capture it in photos. Check out snaps from our day below…

Le Petit Palais has accommodated everything including getting your little ones to exit. There’s a quaint retail section on the way out with artisan gifts, clothes, one-of-a-kind pieces and a delectable candy bar. It was the perfect way to calm my little one down on the way out. He helped himself to some apple flavored gummies and chewed all the way to the car.

Le Petit Palais is a great way to spend quality time as a family or the perfect opportunity to shop without the kids in tow. Looking for a great place to party? They’ve got that covered too. Le Petit Palais has a party room that accommodates up to 70 little ones. Parties can be themed, customized to your liking and tailored to your budget. You can visit Le Petit Palais on Facebook or their website for more details.

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