Nikon Goes Wireless With D5300

Nikon Goes Wireless With D5300


Today, Nikon  Middle East FZE highlighted its commitment to wireless connectivity in Digital DSLR cameras by promoting the launch of the D5300. The company is pioneering new technology with this addition to its product line as the D5300 is the first entry-level DSLR camera with built-in Wi-Fi. Nikon views Wi-Fi as a major trend going into 2014, and anticipates that cameras such as the D5300 will appeal to customers in the region. The D5300 is Nikon’s first entry-level DX-format digital SLR camera, with Wi-Fi and GPS functions incorporated within the camera itself, enabling photographers to share photos directly within seconds.

How It Works

The D5300 isn’t simply Wi-Fi enabled. Instead, Wi-Fi  is a built-in feature. What’s the difference? Gadgets that are Wi-Fi enabled only,  require an external internet source and conversely, they are only as reliable as the network they’re connected to. When the Wi-Fi feature is enabled on the D5300, the camera acts as it’s own router. Via software that you can easily download, the D5300 network allows you to browse the photos on the camera’s memory card, import your favorites and instantly email them, text them or post them online. While connected, your smart device can also act as a remote monitor for the D5300. That’s a slick feature that I found to be particularly impressive. If this router is not good enough for your needs then take a look at best wireless routers 2018 –


Takashi Yoshida, Managing Director of Nikon Middle East, introduced the term “socialtography”. He explained that it best describes today’s culture of “shoot and share” photography where social media plays a major role in how we share photos. This evolution inspired the company’s latest venture to add wireless capabilities to its DSLR line. Nikon is showcasing the real-time sharing capability of the D5300 with a multimedia heart-shaped display at the Dubai Mall. The rotating multimedia heart is the first of its kind in Dubai, and it is made up of a complex 3D arrangement of monitors in a heart shape.

The showcase will run from January 12-22, enabling people to take photos with the D5300 and upload them on to the screens. The images will be displayed across the 100+ screens making up the heart-shaped display, with an opportunity for participants to share their pictures on social media platforms and take home printed photo souvenirs. I experienced the Nikon heart display and had a blast. I definitely recommend trying it out on your next visit to Dubai Mall.

The Nikon D5300 is available in three colors (Black, Red and Gray) at the suggested retail price (SRP) of AED 3,999. For more information, visit the Nikon  Middle East FZE website.

Specs at a Glance:

  • 24.2-million pixels
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Smaller, lighter body at 16.9 oz. (480 g)
  • ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100 -12,800Hi-1 (ISO 25,600)
  • Monitor Size: 3.2 in. diagonal
  • Sensor Size: 23.5 mm x 15.6 mm
  • Image Sensor Format: DX
  • Shooting Speed at Highest Resolution: 5 frames per second
  • Storage Media: SD/SDHC/SDXC
  • Toy Camera Effect and HDR Painting added to Special Effects mode (total of 9 effects)

[/vc_column_text][vc_message color=”alert-info”]Fun Facts About Nikon:

  • The word “Nikon” means sunlight in Japanese.
  • Nikon released its first camera , the Nikon 1, in 1932.
  • In 2005, Nikon released COOLPIX 1, its first compact with built-in Wi-Fi.


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