My S Pen Saga

My S Pen Saga

I started to title this post, When Kids Break Your Shit, but I opted for a softer headline. That is exactly what happened though. I was enjoying life with my Galaxy Note 5 and in 30 seconds flat, my kids shattered it…literally.

We were hanging out as a family and decided to have lunch at Papa Murphy’s in Raha Mall. My oldest son (he’s four) and I chose the booth where we wanted to sit and I parked the stroller next to it to indicate that the table was taken. He exclaimed, ” I wanna sit on this side beside you mama”, as he bounced his way onto the faux leather bench. “Okay”, I replied and slid in beside him. As my husband made his way to the table with our 18 month old, he looked to have his hands full so I got up to take the baby and relieve him. He then, slid into the space where I was sitting. “No! I’m sitting beside mommy!”, my oldest proclaimed, which started a full on seat shuffle. The baby is screaming and thrashing around because he doesn’t want to go into the highchair. It was full on chaos! In the process, my Note 5 gets knocked to the floor. I heard it. I saw it lying on there with what appeared to be my S Pen lying next to it. No biggie, I thought. I’ve dropped the phone before and between it’s durable design and the shock absorbent case that I keep it in, it’s always fine. Before I can pick it up, my four year old plants his foot near the scene of the crash and the S Pen disappears. Great, I thought. Now I’ve got to find it. When everyone was finally seated I looked around the obvious places on the floor and didn’t see it. I look and look and look and nothing. Now it’s clear to me that I’ve got to get on the floor to find it. So there I am down on all fours in the middle of a restaurant at peak time looking for my S Pen and hoping that this place has cleanliness standards and a frequent visit from Spekless Cleaning that I can appreciate. As I look around, back and forth between those low sitting booths with my rear end in the air, I hear my husband call to me, “Babe…babe…you get up. I’ll get it”. Sure enough, he gets down on the floor and comes up with a shiny, metal cylinder with Samsung written on it. He hands it to me and it’s about a third the size of the S Pen. “Where’s the rest of it”, I asked.  “That’s all that’s down here. The rest of it is probably still in your phone”, he replied. I look in the cavity where the S Pen is stored and there it was – the other two thirds of the S Pen were lodged inside the phone. FML

I was disgusted. Angry! So mad at myself for even sitting my phone down in the first place. I was so out of sorts that I couldn’t even eat. My appetite dissipated – for only about seven minutes though because Papa Murphy’s has great pizza. Anyway, there I was sitting in the booth, with a scowl on my face taking angry bites of pizza. I paused for a second and slid the piece that I had back into the phone. I pressed on it just in case the spring release was still working but no such luck. I did however press it hard enough for all of the broken pieces to fuse together. I then shook the phone until the broken S Pen slid out as one solid piece. Well that was a slight victory. Since the family had a seven minute lead on me, my husband took the boys to walk around the mall while I finished up. In the middle of my angry bites and eye rolls, I take a call from him telling me that one of the tech shops downstairs has an S Pen for 179 AED. I finished up and met him in the store only to be presented with an old, tablet version of the S Pen. I was deflated. We left.

On the way home, I remember a nearby Samsung Experience Store in Bawabat Al Sharq Mall so I give them a call. The gentleman explains to me that replacement pens are only stocked by Samsung repair shops like the one located on Defense Road. I was deflated…again. It was  Friday and they weren’t open so I knew I’d likely go into the week without a replacement pen.

The week starts. I’m busy as hell and can’t dedicate time to traveling into the city to buy a new pen. Meanwhile, I’m stuck living with the missing pen icon on the right hand side of the screen – a feature that I applauded in my review of the Galaxy Note 5 – only you don’t love it so much when it reminds you that your S Pen has been shattered into three pieces. Then, it’s like I woke up and it was Friday again. This time, we took the kids to Dalma Mall because my oldest wanted to play in the trampoline room at Adventure HQ. While there, my husband suggested I look for the S Pen – I mean, it wouldn’t hurt. So, I popped into Jumbo and they said they didn’t have it. “Check next shop – Eros, madam”. Okay, I go to the next shop and it takes the guy a while to comprehend what I’m asking for. Once he does, he says to me, “no, no. check next shop madam”. Even though this feels like a wild goose chase, I really have nothing to lose so I walk into the next shop which happened to be Empower Computers. I explained what I needed to the gentleman, he listened intently, then walked away, reached around a four sided display and handed me an S Pen. Now, you might think that this is where the story ends but the S Pen he handed me was silver and my phone is gold. He only had silver in stock. Looking at all I’ve been through at this point, you might think I was crazy to walk away and leave the solution to my problem there on the counter but for this girl, tech is a lifestyle and I can’t be walking around with mix matched devices. No way. I told him I needed it in gold. He made a phone call and viola! The next day, I went back to pick up a gold replacement S Pen that was sent over from another location. I was back in business baby!


So, the moral of this story is…kids will break your shit – shit that you really like. If it happens to be made by Samsung and you’re in Abu Dhabi, pass by Empower Computers on the second floor of Dalma Mall near the cinema.


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