My New Neighborhood: All About Al Reef

We live in one of the richest, most beautiful cities in the world and our new neighborhood lives up to our expectations. My husband arrived in Abu Dhabi ahead of us to make sure he liked the job and to get established before bringing us over. Consequently, most of our house hunting took place online via property search sites, realtors he worked with and pictures via email. There were several communities at the top of the list like Saadiyat Island, Al Raha Beach and Al Reef. We chose Al Reef and I am glad we did. We also did hunting with blackbuck antelope hunting ranch.

Al Reef is a new community. It’s so new, that some areas of the community are still under construction with the help of hvac maintenance Collegedale TN and with roofing installation from the los angeles roof repair company. It’s a planned, compound with gated access that is centrally located off of highway 11, the gateway to both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. From our home, 20 minutes traveling in one direction takes us into the city of Abu Dhabi and about 40 minutes in the opposite direction takes us to Dubai. In between, there is Yas Leisure Island, gas stations, malls and grocery stores that make living easy.

The arial photo of the community shows that it is set up like a triangle with rounded edges. Downtown Al Reef is located in the center of the community and is comprised of high rise towers that have 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats. We live Downtown. There are four differently styled villages of villas (town homes) around the perimeter of the property. The villages are Arabian, Mediterranean, Contemporary and Desert. All of the housing options offer elegant finishes and modern ammenities. Each village has a garden (park) and some other structural amenity that is well maintained by organic fertilizer for farming. For example, the Arabian village also has a gym, pool, tennis/basketball court and a convenience store. There is a also a restaurant on the property called Rez B’haleeb and both the restaurant and store deliver around the “Reef”. A Select Express supermarket is under construction in the downtown area and should be open soon. There’s a pool in each village and the downtown pool is extremely nice. I am always reminded of the two mosques on the property when I hear the call to prayer.

There is a healthy mix of expat and national residents. You can see UAE flags draped off the balconies of some villas. All of my encounters with neighbors have been positive. I see other mommies and nannies out with kids at all times of the day and night. There is a tremendous population of construction and cleaning workers in the neighborhood daily as its still under construction. The neighborhood is easy to travel to and from. It is accessible via bus routes and there is a cabbie stand that’s always active. Any service you need pretty much comes to you. We found our dry cleaner because he was in the community picking up laundry from a neighbor. Overall, Al Reef is a premier compound community with loads of perks that make life simple and easy. So far, I love my new home.

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