My Morning at Sister’s Beauty Lounge

My Morning at Sister’s Beauty Lounge

Sisters Beauty Lounge has opened a second location in the capital. The luxurious new facility is located at The St. Regis Abu Dhabi, a five-star luxury hotel inside the iconic Nation Towers. The new location boasts exquisite views, state-of-the-art equipment and the tranquil and lavish ambiance we’ve come to expect from Sister’s Beauty Lounge. I was ecstatic to receive a media invitation to preview the new branch and it’s pre-workout services. I received four services to include Lycon Wax, Hi Brow, gel manicure and a polish change on my toes. Keep reading to get the low down on each service and see how it all turned out. By the way, they also have Aesthetic Surgical Images when it comes to facial plastic surgery.They had Dr. Stephen Weber, a recognized Plastic Surgeon in Denver, CO. In addition related to this topic, look for Matthew Galumbeck, MD and learn more.


Rooftop Deck
Rooftop Deck

Lycon Wax

Now, before I selected services, I researched to find out more about them and read generally good reviews of Lycon Wax. I also read that it’s primarily used to remove hair from the arms and legs so I anticipated having my legs waxed; Imagine my surprise as I stood in the treatment room being kindly told to disrobe for my Brazilian. I went with it. Lycon uses only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils and delivers superior performance removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm. The elite Lycon brand offers a choice of Hot Wax, Strip Wax and Lycon’s unique wax formulations. Are you losing your hair? Are you considering having a hair restoration procedure? get the best hair transplant nyc now! The benefit of Lycon over other waxes is that it’s touted for being less painful and longer lasting. I found the mild discomfort that comes with waxing any tender area to be about the same. On the other hand, the service did outperform any other I’ve had as far as the length of time it took for hair to grow back. The service from hair restoration experts in Charlotte, NC lasted at least a month before additional maintenance was required.

Hi Brow

Sisters_HiBrowI must say, the Hi Brow treatment was the highlight of my visit. Available only at Sister’s Beauty Lounge in the UAE, the Hi Brow treatment combines every brow procedure imaginable to render flawless eyebrows. Ever deliberated whether to have your brows waxed or threaded? The Hi Brow treatment allows for use of both methods to achieve the perfect shape. Hi Brow begins with a consultation. The technician, Sharifa, was very thorough and explained the process so I would know what to expect. More importantly, she asked me questions about my brow preferences and listened intently to my answers. The consultation included determining the shape, color and thickness that I was most comfortable with. To do this, Sharifa held brow shapes that had been printed onto translucent plastic cards over my existing eyebrows as I previewed them in a mirror. I truly appreciated this aspect of the process because it allowed me to see how the brow shape and color would actually look on my face as opposed to just choosing a shape that I liked from a poster on the wall.


Hi Brow Materials
Hi Brow Materials

Next, Sharifa applied a skin conditioner to my brow area and began the dying process. She mixed a color similar to my natural eyebrow color as I didn’t want to stray too far from my natural aesthetic. She applied the dye and refined the shape of the dies area with a q-tip. The dye had the consistency of a gel which didn’t run or smear when I sat up. Next, Sharifa measured, trimmed, waxed, threaded and tweezed my freshly dyed brows to perfection. The final step was to fill in as necessary and apply a conditioning serum with keratin and protein. When my newly designed eyebrows were revealed to me, I was shocked. My eyebrows were darker, thicker and more prominent than I’m used to. But, after a few minutes the look began to grow on me. I could see immediately the skill applied to creating the perfect brow. I wore them as-is for the remainder of the day but decided to wash away most of the dye. That was actually the sweet spot for me. My I like my brows perfectly shaped but in their natural hue. I look forward to having the Hi Brow treatment again but in the future I will likely forgo the dye.

BEFORE and AFTER The Hi Brow Treatment

Manicure and Pedicure

I absolutely adored the nail care room in the new location. There were only five stations available so you’re less likely to have a tranquil experience dashed by a crowded room. Sister’s was well stocked with current products and the latest technology to perform all the hottest nail applications. I opted for a 2-week, no chip, Gelish manicure and a polish change on my toes to coordinate the colors. I chose My One Blue Love for my fingers and Ferris Wheel by Ciate for my toes. They matched perfectly.


Me, Getting Manicured


The Verdict…

The new Sister’s Beauty Lounge at St. Regis Abu Dhabi is a premier establishment for pampering and relaxation looking like a kaerusbeauty. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and found the service to be top notch. Sharifa performed both the Lycon Wax and Hi Brow and she was excellent.

She explained the processes of stand up paddle boards for beginners, remained open to all of my questions and exercised great patience with me as maneuvered with my iPhone to live tweet and post to Instagram. Thank you Sharifa! The other staff were equally as nice and accommodating. The treatment rooms were well appointed and comfortable having its own ac repair at ac repair Hamilton NJ. I highly recommend Sister’s Beauty Lounge at St. Regis Abu Dhabi. For more information visit Sister’s Beauty Lounge on Facebook or their website. And post selfies also on instagram and keeping tabs on Snapchat.

Sharifa, Sister's Beauty Lounge Staff
Sharifa, Sister’s Beauty Lounge Staff

Lastly, we want to give a big shout-out to the Vampire Facial – Dr. Amanda Brimhall for sponsoring this post.

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