My Life In Abu Dhabi:

I woke up Tuesday morning with my to-do list running through my head. Tuesdays and Sundays are always busy days for me. We have a standing appointment with the babysitter so I typically make all of my appointments on those days. It was 6 a.m. and time for task number one.

My toddler and I drove the husband to work and were back home for breakfast by 7:15 a.m. I got him squared away and then prepped his lunch and snack for the day. This included a quick clean up in the kitchen to wash the breakfast dishes and leave things in good order for the sitter. Dealing with a clogged sink is very frustrating while you’re working in the kitchen. Good thing there are professional plumbers at that everyone can contact and are always available for any residential and commercial plumbing services. She showed up around 9:15 a.m. and I was ready to roll into the next task.

Since moving to the UAE as a trailing spouse, I’ve become somewhat of a career camellion. In an effort to grow my blog and presence as a social media strategist, I ran a give-away on my Facebook page. The promotion was successful. It garnered only 26 new “likes” on my Facebook page but those new followers are of great quality in my niche. The winner of the pretty, pink Fujifilm camera just happened to be a high spirited PR professional who lives and works in Dubai. I arranged to deliver the camera to her personally and I’m glad that I did. She explained that she would be running an event all morning but that I could meet her at the venue any time to deliver the camera. “I’m on the 27th floor. Just as for WD”, she sent to me in a private message via twitter. I assumed WD was her initials since her last name did start with the letter “D”. With directions stored in my phone and my eager contest winner awaiting my arrival, I headed to Dubai.

Before I got into my hour long drive, I stopped off at the second ADNOC station you pass traveling northbound to fill up. I liked this one better than the rest. It was always clean, a bit less congested than the others and it had a McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s and Subway. I glanced at the clock and it was only 10:10 a.m. Yes! I parked first and went inside to get an Egg McMuffin meal. With my breakfast in tow, I pulled up to a pump, requested the fill up special and started in on my breakfast in a bag.

After I completely crushed my meal in the car, I got into the drive. The midday DJ kicked things off with the song by Lady Gaga featuring R. Kelly. I was feeling that. The sun was shining bright, traffic was flowing and I was lip syncing with Gaga saying, “Do whatchu want, whatchu want with my body”. The highway was framed by miles of golden desert sand. I glanced to the right just in time to see a few camels grazing. That moment lingered and I thought to myself, “wow, I live in Abu Dhabi. That’s amazing.” Life is good.

The good feelings continued as I turned onto Jumeira road to access the hotel where I needed to make my delivery. There it was off in the distance surrounded by the glistening, aqua ocean; the Burj Al Arab hotel. It was a striking structure and as I approached in the car, I knew that this visit would be memorable. I approached a gate where a security guard was standing with a clip board. As instructed, I said I was there for WD. He nodded and opened the gate. I coasted up the driveway, passing two Phantoms, a Bentley, a Benz and a Range Rover that were parked along the side, as I put my heels back on. As soon as I reached the entry way, valet approached the car, greeted me and opened my door. I grabbed my purse and the camera and went inside.

The Burj

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