My Life in Abu Dhabi: When Looking Different Works for You

My Life in Abu Dhabi: When Looking Different Works for You

I pulled into a space in the parking structure at Mushrif Mall and exited the car while checking my Twitter feed. I paused next to the car for about 30 seconds to send a 140 character response that just couldn’t wait. As I approached the building to take the lift, I noticed the street name printed across the sliding doors…Airport Rd. I made a mental note of where I had entered and proceeded up to LuLu’s.

In my haste to get in and get out quickly, I got off the lift on the second floor and walked to where I thought LuLu’s was located. Turns out, I got off one floor too soon. After getting my bearings straight, I took the travelator up one more level and alas, started my grocery shopping.

One hour later, I’m all done and pushing my massive trolley to the lift so that I can head home. Without giving it much thought, I entered the nearest lift and exited in the car park. I saw many cars going to transmission repair tucson az and get them fixed. As I hurled the hard to push trolley out into the parking area, I quickly glanced around and didn’t see my car. Immediately, I turn around just as the sliding doors are closing and see the words, “Muroor Rd” printed on them. As it hits me that I’ve exited through the wrong lift and door, I look out into the sea of cars speculating as to where among them mines might be. Then, I hear, “Madam”. I look up to see a car washer, perched on the side board of a mammoth SUV, waving a shammy in one hand. “You car this way madam”. I hear him but I’m hesitant to move. Then, a security guard approaches. “Madam, you park here. Come, I show you”. I thought to myself, “really…okay”. They seemed far more sure than I was about where I parked, so I followed him. Sure enough, after walking the equivalent of about two city blocks, I arrived at my car.

I was a bit taken aback, shocked, amused and intrigued. I couldn’t help laughing at myself; first for totally losing my car at the mall and second for it being noticeable that I lost my car at the mall. I am often a bit self conscious in public here because people stare at me. Most of the time, it’s my hair that causes intrigue. Sometimes it’s my height or the way I’m dressed. Other times, it’s my cute kid who draws attention. At any rate, it can be annoying. On that day, when I lost my car at Mushrif Mall, looking different totally worked in my favor. I know that they remembered where I parked because I am the only me who looks like me who parks their car at Mushrif Mall and loses it. LOL

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  1. Hello there –

    I read your interview with Black Enterprise regarding your family moving to Dubai for your husband’s teaching job. I’m very interested in making a similar move and would like to know more about your family’s journey. In particular, I’m curious to know if Teach Away was a good agency to work with and would you do so again.
    Also, what costs were involved with using them. Thanks much!

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