Moverio Smart Glass Review

Moverio Smart Glass Review

The Moverio Smart Glass BT-200 is the lighter, second generation of Moverio BT-100 weighing in at just 88g. BT-200 is connected to an Android control panel that can access the internet, other devices including smartphones, using Bluetooth 3.0, DLNA and Miracast and has 8GB internal memory which can be increased up to 32GB using an SD card. It gives users a perceived viewing screen of up to 320 inches with HD Resolution. Although this device is not ideal for entertainment, users have the capability to play games and watch 2D and 3D films with integrated Dolby Digital Plus sound. In my opinion, the BT-200 is better served as a visual tool in commercial spaces that deal with  logistics, science, medicine, security, education and training.


Using Moverio Smart Glass BT-200 is like looking into your own personal projection screen. The display is clear and crisp and the perspective remains balanced whether you’re looking at the projection with one eye or both. Navigating the software was simple and intuitive. I was able to access the system settings and connect to my home Wi-Fi without any problems or the need for directions. While clicking through the pre-installed applications I did receive a network error which read, “A communication error has occurred. Please try again later”. There was no obvious, fixable problem so I assumed those aspects of the program weren’t working and moved on. Pre-installed apps include Live Wallpaper, Moverio Apps Market (there wasn’t much in the market to choose from), Moverio Air and Moverio Mirror.

The specs for BT-200 suggest that users can play games and watch movies. I can definitely see how watching a 2D or 3D movie on the device would make for a cool experience, but it’s not optimal for gaming. One thing that positively stood out about the software was the ample sized, diamond-shaped cursor. While trying to coordinate physical movement on a virtual display, I found that a prominent cursor made selecting items easier.



Moverio Smart Glass BT-200 is composed of two components; a pair of glasses with rectangular lenses and an Android 4.0 powered Control Unit. The Control Unit is a small, hand-held device that’s outfitted with a Ultimicron compact, high-resolution, full-color LCD, micro SD card slot, battery and Wi-Fi indicators, motion sensors and a textured touchpad. Most of the surface area is dedicated to the touchpad giving users enough space to gesture. The Control Unit was comfortable to hold and easy to manage with one has to be hard-wired to the glasses. That one, thick cord hanging from the glasses on your face down to the Control Unit in your hand is restrictive and quite an eye soar. Which leads me to the most important question asked about wearables…does it look good.

The short answer is yes, Moverio Smart Glass is a good looking device. The lenses are rectangular in shape which tends to flatter many people. The only bulk on the frame is on the sides just above the ears where the motion sensors that capture head movement are located. BT200 is intended to be worn over prescription eyewear if necessary which will detract from its sleek appearance. I appreciate that Epson included two pairs of clip-on lenses that instantly convert the glasses into shades with varying contrast. This feature isn’t just about looks as it reduces glare and improves visibility of the screen when used outside.


BT-200 has a VGA (Video Graphics Array) camera that takes still photos and video with an output of about 0.3MP. The photos I took were of very poor quality – grainy and unclear – and can best be described as reminiscent of a primitive selfie. This version of BT-200 is not outfitted to exclusively meet the users photography needs.

While I appreciate having the opportunity to review such an innovative gadget, I did not enjoy it. I’m not sure if my face is smaller than average or if the glasses are over-sized for women, but they would not stay on my face. After adjusting the nose pads and the ear hooks according to the video tutorial for setup, the glasses still slid down my nose. I had to hold the glasses on my face the entire time that I wore and tested them. You can see pictures below of what happened each time I removed my hand.

Overall Design and Function

Overall Moverio Smart Glass BT-200 is a solid device for industry. It is not a competitor or take down for the likes of Google Glass 2.0 or Samsung  Gear VR (Oculus). At the present moment, you won’t find versions of BT-200 flanked with designer logos. It’s a solid start for a product that has the potential to enhance protocol across a variety of industries. I look forward to version 3.0 with an improved camera, better sizing and more applications.

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