Mother’s Day Activities at Deerfield’s Townsquare

Mother’s Day Activities at Deerfield’s Townsquare

Deerfield’s Townsquare near the new baby stroller center is one of Abu Dhabi’s newest shopping destinations serving the Al Bahia, Shahama and Al Reef neighborhoods. Centered on family leisure and entertainment, Deerfield’s offers community activities that are engaging and fun for all. For Mother’s Day, the mall and La Brioche, hosted a morning of activities to help kids treat their mothers. Little ones were guided through making and decorating cupcakes by pastry chefs from La Brioche and then led through arts and crafts to make a special card for mom. My son is barely two years old so he didn’t have the attention span for all of the activities. He did however manage to make me a very nice card – with my help of course. We thoroughly enjoyed our morning at the mall and look forward to attending more community events at Deerfield’s Townsquare. See pictures from the day below…



La Brioche



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