As my son approached five months old, I researched and devised a plan to introduce him to solid foods. I knew to introduce one food at a time, wait 3 to 5 days between new foods, what to watch for regarding allergies but most importantly, I knew what I wanted to feed him. By eight months old, we were relocating from the USA to the UAE and my plan was thwarted. I had to start the baby food search all over again to find brands that met my criteria. To my surprise, I’ve found several brands of baby food that I couldn’t be happier with. I will review them one at a time over a series of posts. Volume 1 is all about HiPP Organic baby food.

Overview. HiPP Organic produces a line of organic baby food to include jarred fruits, vegetables and entrees, cereal, mini pots, juice and fruit and veggie purée pouches. My son has tried a little bit of everything and likes it all. Why is mom a fan of HiPP? First, because its organic which means that the food is natural, pure and healthy with no harmful chemical  pesticide residue. Second, like most baby food lines, their offerings come in stages. They have appropriate options for every baby from four months up. Finally, the quality of the meals is outstanding. At nine months my son is in that space between a puréed diet and table food. HIPP offers options like Chicken Risotto, Vegetable Lasagna, Pancakes with Syrup and Spaghetti Bolenase with finely chopped ingredients. Their versions are mild (not heavily seasoned) but are as close to the “real thing” as a baby can get. The meals contain the same ingredients as the traditional dish. I was shocked but delighted to see bits of lasagna noodles and carrots in my son’s bowl. And, the food tastes great. HiPP has taken the yuck out of taste testing for this mum.

Availability. According to their website, HiPP Organic is available in the eastern region of the world. There were no locations listed in North or South America. I have purchased HiPP products from a variety of supermarkets in Abu Dhabi to include Waitrose, Carrefour, LuLu’s, Spar, Spinney’s and Abela. I must say though, I can never find offerings from their entire line of products in one place. It seems that if they carry jarred food, juice and other dry staples then they don’t carry the mini pots and vice versa. But the baby and I love it so much, that I drive around collecting what we need.

Price. HiPP is on the upper side of price as far as baby food goes. The jars, which are large, multiple serving meals, range from 10-11 dirhams (about 3 USD) each. You’re also paying a premium for organically grown and cultivated baby food.

HiPP Organic offers a wide variety of options for your little eater. Find out more about the company by clicking here.