Mommy Monday: All About Plum Baby Food

Mommy Monday: All About Plum Baby Food

PlumWhile shopping in Dubai Mall I popped into Waitrose grocery store for the first time. The highlight of the visit was finding Plum Baby food. At the time, my son was in transition from baby food to table food and we needed more variety, since we were running out of stock in the products from we had gotten last time. I liked the Plum meals because they are organic and the combinations were reminiscent of healthy adults entrees you’d order at a restaurant. I would definitely qualify this baby food as gourmet.

I purchased a pack of stage 2 Salmon and Spinach bake meal cups. The brand provides food options in stages like most others: stage 1 is purée, stage 2 is the consistency of a fork mash and stage 3 has chunks, which is most closely aligned with table food. There was one other flavor on the shelf that was also a stage 2. I decided to get only one pack to make sure it was something my son liked before purchasing more.

The food is packaged well and the portions are adequate enough that one cup satisfies a meal for a baby between eight and ten months. The directions are clear and easy to follow. It’s recommended to heat water and then heat the cup in the hot water. Microwaving is okay but not preferred because it may not heat food evenly and result in hot spots. I removed the plastic film covering the cup and popped it in the microwave for about 15 to 20 seconds. When I removed it, I stirred the food rigorously to mix it well and ensure there were no hot spots. My son loved it! I pre-tasted the meal and found it to be quite nice myself.

I figured Plum products would become staples in my sons diet, but that hasn’t happened. We don’t live in Dubai so I haven’t been back to the exact location where I bought the first pack of Plum pots. I have however scoured the baby aisles at just about every other major grocery store in Abu Dhabi. I found the Plum pots at Spinney’s in Khalidyia off Corniche Road. Herein lies the problem. They only had the same two flavors I saw before and they were stage 2. My son now needs stage 3 foods and I can’t find them anywhere. Distressed that I couldn’t find this food anywhere, I left a message asking for help in my region on the company’s Facebook page several days ago. No one responded. That is disappointing.

There are many things to consider when doing a review and unfortunately, availability and service have devalued an otherwise great product. Again, it’s organic, healthy food that babies seem to enjoy. I can only give Plum 3 stars though, because we can’t find their food to try more of it and sadly, they won’t help me.


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