Lumia Selfie Tour of Dubai

Lumia Selfie Tour of Dubai

Microsoft and Dabo & Co hosted media to a Lumia Selfie Tour around Dubai. The tour, which introduced the Lumia 730 and 735 smartphones, was an experiential press event that included an overnight stay at a 5 star hotel and surveys of cultural and athletic destinations around Dubai. See how it all went down…

The Hotel

The trip commenced with check-in at the H Hotel, a contemporary, boutique hotel located in the heart of the emirate. Despite renovations being underway with one of the best general contractors and roofers, it was elegant and well appointed. The staff were pleasant and helpful from the moment of arrival. My room was comfortable and outfitted with double beds, a full bathroom with tub and a glass encased shower, toiletries, seating area and an amazing view of Dubai, the bathroom had new brand rugs, I wanted to find similar rugs so I search online and I found really good reviews, if you want some new rugs too then read reviews here. A stay at the H Hotel wouldn’t be complete without a visit to 40 Kong, where the tour concluded with dinner.

Selfie in progress with the Lumia 735
Selfie in progress with the Lumia 735
Blogger, Tina Yums, getting acquainted with the Lumia 735
Blogger, Tina Yums, getting acquainted with the Lumia 735

The Briefing

After a buffet style lunch at Mizaan, one of several dining options located inside the hotel, guests were given an overview of the Lumia 730/735 and the itinerary for the Selfie Tour. During this gathering, we were also given every possible piece of equipment we would need to capture the perfect selfies around Dubai – a selfie stick, wireless charging pad, screen cast device and of course, the Lumia 735.

Click here to learn more about the Lumia 730/735 smartphones.



The Tour

Check out these snaps from the tour taken with the Lumia 735…

Selfie in front of an art wall at the Architectural Heritage Society in Dubai
Taken with Lumia Selfie
Group shot captured in the elevator headed up to 40 Kong
Taken with Lumia Selfie
Selfie taken at Bounce Middle East

What I love About the Lumia 735…

Camera Quality – The Lumia 735 has a 5MP front facing, wide-angle camera which enables you to capture clearer photos with more in the shot. For example, the featured picture on this post includes me and most of the art wall behind me. The shot is wide and the colors are crisp.

Compatible Accessories – Lumia 735 is compatible with all of the Nokia accessories that I love, specifically the wireless charger. The magic of simply placing my phone on the charging pad with no wires never ceases to amaze me. The phone stands upright, like it’s on display while charging. It’s a simple, sleek way to stay juiced. Read about more Lumia accessories here.

Selfie App – Selfies are definitely a part of pop culture that’s here to stay and many smartphone makers have tried to meet the trend. Lumia goes beyond a great front facing camera and has built in software and apps to enhance your selfie-taking skills. With the Selfie app you can capture a photo using the timer, adjust it’s orientation, add filters and share the photo. In addition, the Voice Selfie app allows you to capture a photo with voice command; Just yell, “Shoot!”, pose and hold it, for the perfect selfie.

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