LG SIGNATURE Uses the Power of Water to Purify the Air

LG SIGNATURE Uses the Power of Water to Purify the Air
Air pollution is no longer isolated to the atmosphere as it now affects indoor air quality too. Pollutants make their way into living spaces and compromise the health and wellness of families. Consequently, just as you adorn your space with environmentally conscious materials and make an effort to keep surfaces clean, you must also deliberately cleanse the air. Clean air is essential for healthy living and LG has combined two of the world’s most precious natural resources to keep your home stylish and pure.


Technology Becomes Art


The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier significantly improves indoor air quality without compromising the look and feel of an exquisitely designed space. It was designed for timeless aesthetic appeal and blends in like a touch of modern art. Elements like the smart indicator lighting system, which indicates the status of air pollution using 4 different colors, creates visual interest, while the rain view window where you can watch LG’s unique watering system as it purifies the air, doubles as a water feature.


Bet on Black


A key feature of the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier is the innovative semi-permanent Black Filter System, which gives you the ability to remove the filter, wash it and use it again for up to 10 years. The reusable filter not only improves the quality of the air in your home, but also lowers your carbon footprint and saves you money.


The high speed watering engine ejects 18 litres of water in an hour to infuse moisture into inhaled air. Atomized water is dispersed from the air purifier to create a comfortable humidity level. With regard to humidity, the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier comes equipped with an Ultra-Violet LED light to sterilize water in the bucket before it is sprayed. When humidification is stopped, the purified airflow will automatically dry the filters to prevent mold and bacteria accumulation, guaranteeing a clean device at all times.


Invest in Your Health


Mr. Kevin Cha, President LG Electronics Middle East and Africa said:
“At LG, our goal is to create healthy and liveable environments for people to enjoy the comfort and luxury of their homes”, and the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier is a testament to that. He continued,


“Most people are unaware about how products that are used every day like deodorants, perfumes, cleaning agents and more, can create environments that are filled with airborne contaminants that can not only affect health, but can also damage furniture and home appliances. Taking a proactive step by investing in a quality product like the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier to protect any carefully curated space will facilitate the longevity of the beautiful space and protect every individual that has the opportunity to enjoy such a luxurious environment.”
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